shirtless boys.

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Bryant staying over here or me staying over there has become a routine.

    In fact, it'd almost feel weird not waking up beside him.

So, my friday morning started off like any other morning. My alarm goes off, I wake up, Bryant refuses to wake up, and then he practically begs me to stay in bed instead of going to get coffee with Calum.

"Come on, ten more minutes," he says.

"Bryant, I don't know how many times we have to go over this," I say stripping off his shirt that he gave me last night to sleep in. "Every morning, I do the same exact thing."

"Which is why you need to be open to change," he says as he leans back on his elbows to look at me. "Is it wrong that I just want to lay with you a little longer?"

"Of course not," I say replacing my naked body with a bra and thong. "However, if I were to stay in bed with you longer, I wouldn't have time to do my crossword puzzle, and if I don't finish my crossword puzzle in time then I don't get to the coffee shop in time. Then if I don't get to the coffee shop in time, I'll be late for class. Does that make sense?"

"Why don't you just cut out the crossword puzzle?" Bryant asks as if it were that easy.

I laugh before running a brush through my hair to properly tame it. Standing in front of my mirror, I eye my hair that luckily isn't too insane considering I straightened it yesterday.

"I've been doing crosswords every single morning since I was 10 B," I say to him.

My dad got me into them. Just like me, he's always loved reading and learning. When I was little, I'd sit beside him every morning and watch him complete the puzzle. Most times he'd have me time him in order to see if he could break his previous record. He always did.

Once I got older, we started racing each other to see who could beat the other. He'd always win. He was never the dad to let me win considering he knew I was smarter than that. He'd rather have the satisfaction of knowing I was a second behind him as opposed to him giving up in order to allow me to win.

"Today's the start to new beginnings then," Bryant says running a hand through his hair.

I just playfully roll my eyes as I say, "Today's the day you start getting out of bed early? No way."

Bryant pouts at me as I turn away from the mirror and go into my closet to grab clothes. Bryant whines from my room making me laugh at his playful behavior. There is not a single person in the world who hates getting out of bed more than him.

"Can we at least go for a morning round?" Bryant calls to me.

I laugh at this as well as I grab a square cut tank top and high waisted shorts, "We could've if we got up earlier."

"Come on, can't we do something fun?" Bryant asks, still whining.

I don't respond and just shake my head to myself at his behavior. It's not like I've deprived him of sex. We had sex just last night, but it seems to me like he's looking for any excuse to keep me here longer than I plan to be.

"You're more than welcome to help me with my puzzle," I say stepping out of my closet to see him still in his exact spot.

"I have a headache just thinking about it."

"Then call Tanner or something," I say with a shrug of my shoulders as I walk towards the kitchen and front door. The newspaper is always right in front of our door at this time which is convenient that it still comes to me.

"But Tanner isn't as fun as you," he says as I hear him getting out of bed just as I open the door.

I retrieve the newspaper and bring it back inside. Placing it on the kitchen counter, I grab my pen that sits right on top just as Bryant comes out shirtless and still in his boxers.

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