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Luke's POV

    Laying back down on the ground, I let out a deep breath. I feel like I've been going at this for at least 45 minutes now.

    The sweat practically dripping down my forehead confirms this as I take the earphones out of my ears and attempt to catch my breath. Today's been exhausting. Mentally and physically.

    Usually when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed, I go to my room and work out. Never do I dare step into a real gym considering the one time I tried that, most people stared and wondered what a "breadstick" was doing in there.

Since that day, I decided to just settle with buying my own weights and working out at home. Luckily for myself, I have surpassed the breadstick phase and have seen a decent amount of muscle mass added to my body.

Of course I'd never let anyone see this but myself however. I do a fairly decent job of hiding it behind my work clothes considering I'd rather just not know what people think of my body and how big or small I may be.

Working out has been something I've decided to do for myself and to make myself feel better.

My shirtless torso heaves up and down as I attempt to catch my breath. Ashton had gone to the gym with his friend Calum for the afternoon so I didn't have to worry about him coming in here. I know if he were to know I worked out in here everyday, he'd beg me to go to the gym with him and Calum and then give me a hard time for not doing another thing with him.

In my defense, class was terrible today and I feel as if I'm slowly losing my patience. I understand that most college students aren't into learning, but for them to interrupt me every other word and distract the whole class is something else. I don't even know how to handle it and that's the worst part.

They all find it funny and no one sees how ignorant it actually is. No one but Addison Sinclair of course. But then again, it is her friends that are causing the distraction. I'm sure it angers her just as much as it angers me.

I've sat and thought about what I could possibly do to make it end but all of my solutions seem to just create a bigger problem. These guys are going to have the upper hand regardless at the end of the day and it's going to drive me insane.

Dragging a hand through my mess of hair, I shake my head at my own thoughts and try to relax my mind. The more I think about it, the more upset I'll be so I try to think about anything else in the whole world but of course my mind fails me.

I stand up from the ground, leaving the weights there as I walk towards my mirror. Breathing in and out, I eye the person in front of me who's so different for the professional me.

He looks so much like my brother Jack. His hair is unruly, chest and arms are defined, his blue eyes are prominent and not hidden my a pair of thick glasses. He's nothing like Professor Hemmings.

As Ashton would put it, he looks like a normal human being.

I don't know how to feel about the Luke Hemmings that's natural and not tying his hair back and hiding behind a pair of glasses. But what I do know is he's nothing like the person I know.

I lower my head and let out heavy breaths and try to relax. My minds been absolutely everywhere and it seems to want to contemplate every little thing in my life. Why am I staring at myself in the mirror for so long?

"Hemmo!" I hear Ashton's voice call out as the front door opens. My head snaps up immediately in fear that he'll walk in and see me shirtless and working out for the first time he's ever seen.

I hurry away from the mirror and throw on a tshirt knowing I don't have much time before he'll be storming into my room.

"Calum's here!" Ashton says again, his voice getting closer to my room.

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