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 "Can I please fix your makeup?"

"Absolutely not Calum, you're going to mess it up!"

I turn away from him considering he's been begging to "fix my makeup" for the past fifteen minutes. Absolutely nothing is wrong with it and even Crystal agreed. I truly think it's his way of having some control over how I look for this date.

"Come on," he tries once more.

I look to Michael, almost silently begging him to get Luke out of here. He puts his hands up in defense probably realizing there's no use considering Calum is absolutely impossible.

"Calum, shut the fuck up, Addie looks perfect as is. Don't make her more stressed," Crystal says speaking up as she sits on Michael's knee and they watch me finish getting ready.

Shooting her a thankful smile, I apply my last layer of lipstick and adjust my hair that Crystal had loosely curled for me. I'm terrified of the thought that I could potentially be overdressed but considering how nice the place is, I push that thought aside.

I had thrown on a black, cowl neck dress that reached above my knee and matched it with a pair of nude heels. I made sure to pack an outfit to change into for the bar afterwards considering no way could I show up to a bar looking like this.

I can't help but be nervous that this is too much for the restaurant. Hopefully he doesn't show up and I look like a fool.

I got a text from him telling me he'd pick me up around six. It's ten minutes until then and my heart has been erratically racing. I've eyed myself over in the mirror at least ten times in the past minute and have tried to find anything I can fix.

I don't think I've ever been this nervous in my life.

"God damn Addison, you look hot as hell," Crystal says to me making me attempt to bite back a smile.

"Really?" I ask nervously.

"Hell yeah," she says getting up from Michael's lap. "He's not even going to be able to get a word out when he sees you."

I bite my lip and hope she's right. I hope I look okay for him. What if he hates what I'm wearing? Or what if he hates my makeup? What if he hates the color black?

"Yeah Addie, you look hot," Calum says eyeing me head to toe making me shoot him a teasing smile.

Calum always is my biggest hype up whenever I get dressed up for anything. He makes sure I know damn well how good I look before going anywhere.

"Yeah, if my girlfriend wasn't standing right there I'd say you look hot too," Michael says making Crystal smack him playfully.

"I'd be offended if you didn't tell her she looks hot," Crystal says making me laugh at the lot of them.

"Okay, then yeah you look hot Adds," Michael says as I no doubt blush like an idiot. I almost want to run and hide instead of standing here as they all feed me compliments. I'm in no way worthy of their hype up.

I sit down on my bed and try to process what tonight's going to be like. As far as I know, I'm going on a date with my teacher and I'm absolutely terrified. Not because he's my teacher considering I've moved past looking at him as that. Mostly because I have strong feelings for Luke Hemmings and I have no idea if he feels the same.

Sure he's attracted to me and probably doesn't mind my presence, but what if he feels the same way about me that I did with Bryant? I think back to when he had told me he wanted to be set up with me every night and didn't get the opportunity to expand on that. Is it that he just doesn't mind my presence or that he wants to take me out every night and do something special?

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