forgotten wallets.

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 I decided to go to the coffee shop early today purely so I could start reading the book and not face any distractions from Calum. However, he'll be done his workout in longer than 20 minutes from now and will be here in no time.

So as I walked through the front door, I perched my bag on my shoulder and smiled at the person who walked out. The coffee shop is empty, as always but I prefer it this way. Now I don't have to be worried about being distracted by anything or anyone.

I had thrown on a pair of mom jeans, matched with a silk cami in order to compliment the California breeze. It's beyond nice out and I almost contemplated sitting outside.

I walk up to the counter top and shoot the young boy behind it a smile.

"Hi, may I please get a black coffee?" I ask as he nods his head and tells me it's coming right up.

Digging into my pants, I immediately realize I forgot my wallet making me groan in frustration. I mean to grab it on the way out this morning but I forgot Bryant had grabbed it and was tossing it around in order to prevent me from leaving.

Sighing, I call for the guy behind the counter before saying, "Forget it actually, I'm sorry. I forgot my wallet."

Just as I go to turn around, someone steps to the side of me and says, "I got her."

I look to the side of me to see Professor Hemmings making my eyebrows immediately shoot up. God, I can't have my professor buy me coffee.

"It's totally fine, I can run back-"

"That's not necessary," Professor Hemmings says shaking his head. "Make that two coffees please."

I decide to drop it and let him buy it considering I can just pay him back in class tomorrow. It still doesn't change the fact that I feel like the biggest idiot currently.

"Thank you for doing that," I say running a hand through my hair in frustration. "I meant to grab it but I was in a hurry this morning."

Professor Hemmings just waves me off as he pulls out a ten and slips his wallet back in his pocket.

"Don't worry about it, we've all been there," he says as he looks over to the guy who's finishing up our coffees.

I notice a complete similarity in the way he had dressed yesterday. His hair is still gelled back in a tight bun making me wonder just how long it is. I couldn't even ever imagine the guy with his hair down.

His face is clean shaven just as it had been before and he keeps his glasses perched on his nose. Regardless of the heat, he wears black slacks and a tucked in white button down that he matched off with a bow tie today. He was probably one of the most professionally dressed professors at this university.

"I'm assuming you come here often," I say considering just yesterday I had seen him as well. "Next time, I'll buy the coffees."

Professor Hemmings shakes his head as if not liking the idea, "You don't owe me anything Addison, don't worry about it."

I stomp my foot childishly which only makes him smile as he's handed the coffees and he pays. He's quick to hand me my own and I take it graciously.

"Have you started the book yet?" he asks me as we walk away from the counter.

I shake my head, "I've been meaning to but it's property of the shop so I can't exactly take it home with me. I came early today just so I could start it."

Professor Hemmings raises his eyebrows at this as if amused, "That's some dedication."

"I'm actually really eager to start it," I say taking a sip from my coffee. "How about you? Have you done your crossword for the day yet?"

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