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Addison's POV:

Walking up to the classroom, I feel somewhat energized after the two coffees I had. Ashton and I got in fairly late after the bars last night and it's fair to say I got drunker than I had planned. Ashton insisted on rounds and rounds on shots and I unfortunately am one not to turn that down.

But now I'm suffering with a beaming headache and a pain inside me that begs me to lay in bed and sleep. However, my Criminal Justice class is my only one of the day so I figured I could push myself through one class.

As I open the door to allow myself to step in, my eyes find Professor Hemmings at the front of the room as always. He holds a book in his hands and seems to read it over intently. It's clear just how much he loves to learn and retain new information.

I walk past his desk and take my new seat causing him to look up from his desk immediately. I shoot him a soft smile as I place my bag down beside me and pull out my usual notebook and pen.

Professor Hemmings returns the smile before going back to his book. I slide my phone in my backpack in order to stray away from any distractions. But of course this is short lived the second Bryant walks in with his friends behind him.

His eyes lock on me immediately and he hurries to me. I smile as he leans down and kisses me as he does everytime he sees me. I pull away, not allowing him to make it last longer than necessary.

"You look great," he says eyeing me head to toe.

I blush slightly as his friends hoot and holler before playfully rolling my eyes. I really hadn't put much thought into my outfit today. It consisted of a simple pair of leggings, cropped tank top, and sneakers. Considering the hour I was out until last night, I had little time to get ready.

"Still not sitting with you."

Bryant pouts at me, taking my hand that rests on my desk.

"Pretty please?" he pouts.

I retrieve my hand and say, "No B, you can last 50 minutes without me for once."

"If I die from loneliness it's on you," he says pointing a finger at me.

I can't help but laugh at this as I shake my head, "Okay, I can live with that."

Bryant jokingly stomps his foot so I just stick my tongue at him before he stomps off. His friends all laugh at the exchange but I just ignore it as I turn back to face the front of the room.

One day he's going to stop begging me to sit with him. One day.

"Good morning class," Professor Hemmings says closing his book as he places it to the side. I turn my full attention to the front and cross one leg over the other. "How's everyone today?"

"Shitty now," I hear the voice of one of Bryant's friends say causing them all to snicker.

I clench my jaw at the rude comment but hold back from turning around. Professor Hemmings seems just as surprised by it as he raises an eyebrow and clears his throat.

"I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad day," Professor Hemmings says respectfully.

"It was fine until you came along."

I can't hold back from turning around to see which one of the delinquents it is. I'm equally as disappointed when I see Bryant biting back a smile, clearly finding the situation humorous.

They all hold smug expressions at the dumb comment made, and I just turn around resisting the urge to snap. Professor Hemmings looks stunned by the comments but attempts to dismiss it.

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