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 "You all are dismissed for the day, I'll see you tomorrow."

I pack up my bags slower than the rest mostly because I want to talk to Luke about tonight. We finally have our dinner and whether it's a date or not is still beyond me. Calum and Michael had told me it obviously was a date and maybe I should listen to them considering they're around him more than I am.

However, I was still hesitant on what to accept it as. Maybe it's because I'm overthinking it all? Either way, I have absolutely no clue what to wear and I'd like to see what he's wearing before I commit to an outfit.

He packs up his own stuff and I can't help but notice the amount of facial hair that has seem to grown along his jawline in the past two days. It's a look I seemed to have never expected from Luke, but also a look I just can't get enough of.

When he came into the coffee shop this morning, he sat with us and Duke considering Calum insisted on bringing him. Duke only wanted to sit on Luke's lap so Luke held him the whole time as we all just sat and talked. The guys mostly talked about their show tonight which gave me no time to ask about our dinner.

I practically gawked at the stubble along his jawline that gave him a look practically to die for. He's obviously kept it shaved for professional purposes but I would do anything to make sure he never shaves it again.

It still shocks me the man has never had sex with someone. It's got to be a religion thing or something. He can't just look that beautiful and have never had sex with a girl. With his hair grown out on his jawline he's practically a new man.

Trying to push the thoughts out of my head, I throw my backpack over my shoulder and am about to head to Luke's desk when I'm cut off immediately.


Turning around, I look to see Bryant looking at me with soft eyes and an even softer expression. I almost don't know how to react to this as he stands in front of me for the first time since the dinner.

"Bryant, hey," I say nervously.

"Hey," he says looking down as he rubs the back of his neck. "Can we talk?"

I inwardly sigh considering I had intentions of talking to Luke after class and now I have to talk to Bryant about whatever he wants to talk about. I know I owe that to Bryant but now I'm not going to see Luke until our dinner.

"Sure," I say regardless with a smile.

Bryant gestures for me to lead the way out of the classroom so I do so with ease. My eyes move to meet Luke's who seems confused by the interaction of the two of us as his eyebrows furrow.

I shoot him a soft smile and a wave goodbye to show him I won't be staying after class today. I've stayed after class pretty much everyday, it's a routine him and I are fairly used to.

"Can I give you a ride home?" Bryant asks me.

I'm surprised by this considering I figured this would be a quick chat but it seems as if Bryant actually wants to discuss something. I don't deny him this as I nod my head.

He opens the door to the parking lot where he parks considering he somehow get prime parking here. I never questioned it because I'm sure it was something his parents also managed to pay for.

Pressing the unlock button on his keys, I watch him make a beeline for his own door. In this moment, I can't help but think of Luke who'd be hurrying to my door just to make sure I didn't have to hold it open myself.

I ignore the empty feeling I have inside as I walk to the other door and open it myself. We hop into his car together and Bryant is quick to start it up.

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