welcome to the fam.

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 "All I'm saying is I am not getting a super slobbery dog."

I laugh as we had piled into my car and are making our way to the animal shelter. I decided to leave this out when it comes to Bryant so when I do get this dog, I can just explained Calum and I got the dog together.

"I'm going to get the biggest slobberer there," I say looking at him with a laugh.

Calum dramatically rolls his eyes as he throws his head back and asks, "What am I signing myself up for?"

"A lifelong best friend."

"I already have that," he says as if it were obvious. "That's what you're in my life for."

I smile at this considering he says sentimental things without even realizing they're sentimental. It always makes me smile more than I should.

"Aww," I say reaching over to pinch his cheeks. "Aren't you just my little nugget?"

"Alright fuck off before I change my mind," he says turning his cheek away from me making me laugh again.

I give his shoulder a playful shove as I keep my eyes on the road and say, "Don't worry, you're my lifelong best friend too."

Calum smiles a proud smile as he looks over at me. Sure he hates being sappy, but there's nothing he loves more than being the center of attention.

"Forever and ever?" he asks almost in a challenging way as if telling me to not answer incorrectly.

"Forever and ever," I say with a playful roll to my eyes.

Calum hisses "yes" under his breath making me laugh at him and his playful behavior.

Where I'd be without the boy beside me is beyond me. He truly has been there with me through it all in college and I wouldn't trade it for the word. I never had a girl best friend here and after meeting Calum, I can't say I wish I did. Things are so different when a guy's your best friend.

Especially Calum Hood. Even when he's being needy, dramatic, or attention seeing, I can't say I don't love him. He's always going to be my number one and he knows it damn well.

"On a more serious note," Calum says making me raise an eyebrow. "What exactly happened when you came here with Bryant?"

I shrug my shoulders, turning down the street of the adoption center as I say, "We just didn't have the same taste in dogs. He seemed to be looking for one he could run with when I want one that will cuddle me all day and be lazy."

"Can't you find one that's both?" Calum asks unbuckling his seatbelt, seeming to notice that we're approaching the adoption center.

"I'm sure," I say simply. "But one needs to stick out to me. The one dog that I really wanted, he didn't like at all."

Calum raises an eyebrow and asks, "How come?"

"I think he just wanted a lab," I say considering every dog he pointed out was a lab.

I mostly came back here today to check out the little boy with the dark and tan fur. I've decided if he's as friendly and loving as he was last time, I'm most likely going to get him regardless of the fact Bryant doesn't want me to get him. He's a dog, how could you not love him regardless?

"Well we'll find you the most perfect, non slobbery dog," Calum says as we pull into a parking spot.

I can't help but laugh considering he seems like he's actually into this idea of getting a dog. I never thought Calum would ever want a dog yet here we are getting ready to walk into an adoption center and get a dog together.

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