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"So, what do you think?"

I cover my mouth as I chew the salad and nod my head, "It's absolutely amazing."

Luke smiles as he reaches his fork over to my side and takes a bite of the salad. We had been going back and forth sharing the two and I truly can't pick which one I like better.

"Seriously some of the best food I've ever had," I say sfitting back in my seat and placing my hands on my stomach.

There's no doubt I'm full as ever considering I haven't been able to stop delving into all the food in front of me. Especially when it tastes this good. Luke must think I'm an absolute animal.

Luke takes the napkin from his lap to wipe his lips as he sits back in his seat as well.

"I think I ate too much," he says making me laugh.

"That makes two of us," I say wiping my own mouth as I place my napkin down beside me.

"Well I appreciate you joining me," Luke says looking to me.

I can't help but smile as I nod my head and say, "Thank you for asking me to join."

"Absolutely anytime," Luke says reaching over to his glass of water. I watch him sip from it carefully before placing it down. I can't help but wonder if he actually means anytime. Did he actually enjoy this lunch as much as myself?

The waiter returns to our table and asks if we're all finished.

Luke looks to me as if verifying with me first before giving a solid answer. I nod my head and Luke looks back to the waiter.

"All done, just the check please."

The waiter takes our plates and heads back towards the kitchen. Taking my wallet out of my pocket, I dig through to find a 20 in order to put towards the meal.

"No way," Luke says immediately catching on as he puts his hand up as if to block me off.

I slump my shoulders and resist the urge to playfully roll my eyes as I say, "Come on, this place is far from cheap. Let me pitch in."

"Like you said, a deal's a deal," Luke says reaching into his own wallet and taking out his card.

I narrow my eyes, knowing he's not going to let me win this as he places his card down on the table.

"Luke, there is absolutely no way you did that puzzle in four minutes," I say crossing my arms over my chest with a raised eyebrow.

I'm not letting him pay for this meal when he technically didn't even win the bet. However, I have a strong feeling he has no plans of letting me have my way.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Either way you have no way of proving either," he says with a smile making me look to him in disbelief.

He's right. I can't prove either regardless so it truly is his word against mine. I groan in frustration in sit back in my seat as I shake my head at the person in front of me.

"You're unbelievable," I say looking him dead in his blue eyes.

"Thank you."

This of course makes me smile as I attempt to hide it and show that I'm displeased with him paying for the meal. I noticed immediately just how pricey this place is and I feel bad that he's paying for it all. Especially when I'm more than happy to pay.

The waiter comes back with the check and Luke slips him his card before I can get a single word in. A small part of me tells me to call after him but I decide against it considering I know Luke isn't going to let me win.

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