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Luke's POV:

"How about this guy?"

Addison looks over my shoulder to see the lawyer I pulled up and tilts her head to the side. She observes him for a few moments and reads the details on him.

"He looks decent, bookmark him."

She's been super picky regarding who we pick to be her brothers lawyer but I don't blame her. After her episode with her parents, she's accepted that they're not going to be any help and it's on her now. So I told her I'd spend the afternoon with her trying to find a decent lawyer that's not unbelievably expensive.

I do as she says and in the process, Addison leans her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arm around her shoulders to tug her closer to me as my laptop sits on my lap.

We've found close to ten people that Addison are okay with. She's frustrated though because she hasn't found the person she wants. All these people to her are settling for less.

"I just want to find the perfect person. Chasen deserves that," she says mostly to herself.

"We'll find the perfect person Addie," I promise considering I won't give up until we do. "We're going to keep searching and searching until we find the best lawyer we can get."

Addison doesn't say anything and I know she's trying to process my words. Maybe she's hesitant to believe me considering this is a tough task for the two of us to take on. However, if I was able to free my brother, I know I'll be able to help her in some way when it comes to this.

"Let's take a break," she says lifting her head and going to stand up.

I'm surprised by this as I look to her in curiosity as to what it is she wants to do. I truly thought we were spending the day doing this but she seems to want to do anything else.

"Okay..." I say not needing to be convinced.

I wouldn't mind a break because I hate seeing the disappointed look in Addison's eyes as seemingly no one seems good enough. She deserves the world and it's so frustrating I can't give that to her.

She reaches a hand out for me which I take with no hesitation. I watch a smile cross her lips as she bites her bottom one softly.

"Especially because no ones home."

My eyebrows immediately raise at this considering I had no idea we were home alone.

How did we not take advantage of this sooner?

Her arms find their way around my neck and I can't help but gulp in anticipation. We haven't done anything since saturday and I still can't help but think about what went down in my childhood bed. I would do anything to repeat it.

"It'd be wrong of us to not make use of our time alone," she says, tilting her head to the side.

I don't even let her say anything else as I reach down to grip the back of her thighs and hoist her up so I'm holding her. Addison seems shocked by this but presses her lips to mine regardless.

Considering how desperately I've wanted to repeat saturday night, I take it upon myself to get things going. I press Addison's back against the wall roughly making her tug on the hairs on the nape of my neck as she pulls me closer to her.

God, it feels so fucking good to be this close to her again.

I slide my tongue in Addison's mouth as she mirrors my action and kisses me with desperation. Anyone would assume the two of us haven't kissed in months but really it's just our need for one another and our need to be close.

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