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Luke's POV:

"Hello?" I call out as I step inside my home and hear nothing. Ashton's usually home by now and is always drumming. It's weird to come home to silence. Taking off my shoes, I place them neatly by the door which is where I always leave them.

"In my room!" Ashton calls back making me place my bag on a nearby chair. I take off my jacket as well, resting it on the back of the chair and walk towards his room.

Approaching his door, I see it's open so I step in the doorway to see him sitting by his drum kit, seeming to fix some pieces of it.

"What's up man?" he asks me.

"Hey," I say propping the glasses that rest on the bridge of my nose. "You performing at the bar tonight?"

"Yeah, you should come," he says even though I always turn down his offer.

He's been trying to get me to come out to his performances forever now but bars aren't entirely my scene. I'd rather be here and reading a book than being out with a bunch of sloppy drunks who couldn't reiterate my name even if I had told them a second before.

"Not tonight," I say, rolling my sleeves up my arms as I lean against his doorframe.

"Come on Luke, you need to let loose," Ashton says dragging a hand through his hair. "You're 23, you can go out and have a drink or two."

I shake my head instantly and say, "I have to teach tomorrow."

"So?" Ashton asks shooting an eyebrow up. "All your students are probably going to be out getting drunk anyway."

"Even more the reason to stay in," I say stepping into his room and sitting on his desk chair.

Ashton and I had always been opposites, but it somehow worked for us. We met in college after we had been put in the same project together. We bonded over the records he had and became friends. Since then, we've been roommates but he's been trying to get me to go to the bars and parties with him ever since.

I've respectfully declined each time considering it wasn't something I was into. Never was, never will be. I never minded when he went out because he loved to go out and drink. He'd make new friends, meet new girls, and get more gigs to perform at different bars.

That's been his lifestyle, and never has been mine.

"Come on, just one night," Ashton says looking to me hopefully.

"Maybe next week when I'm more settled in with my job," I say even though we both know I won't go next week either. "I have some paperwork I need to get done tonight."


"Next time," I say to him, trying to sound genuine about it.

"You've said that the past five times Luke," Ashton says, frustration clearly in his voice. "You need to let loose."

"I let loose plenty," I say with a scoff.

"You're 24 and I've never even see you a kiss a girl," he says making me freeze. "You should want to kiss girls, you should want to have sex with girls, you should want to get blowjobs. Hell, have you ever even watched porn?"

"Of course I have," I lie.

I never felt the need to watch porn. It weird me out. How do people watch other people have sex and get turned on by it? The last thing I want to do is watch other people get it on.

"That's a lie because your door is always open," Ashton says pointing a finger at me. "I don't think I've ever seen your door closed."

Throwing my head back, I ask, "What's the big deal if I've never watched porn?"

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