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"Did you get to the part yet?"

    "No Luke."

    He groans loudly making me look down from my bed to see him in the same spot, backed pressed against the wall as Duke rests in between his legs.

    "How come you're taking so long?"

    "Because you keep asking me every five seconds and interrupting me," I say, switching my own position so I'm laying on my stomach and facing Luke, clutching the book in my hands.

    "I'm bored and want to talk about it."

    "I offered you one of my books," I say gesturing towards my bookshelf that has a plethora amount of books.

    "Yeah but I want to play with Duke," he says petting him head to toe as Duke seems unphased by our conversation.

    "Then stop complaining and be patient," I say biting back a smile considering how excited he is for me to read his favorite part of the book. I can't even get annoyed due to the fact that I find it so cute that he's this excited.

    He groans even louder and throws his head back, "This is torture."

    I laugh to myself and only turn my gaze back to the book. Luke luckily accepts this as he focuses back on Duke and continues to give him all the attention in the world.

    Not being able to help myself, I attempt to sneak a peek at the two of them just to notice the smile on Luke's lips as he rubs Duke's belly. I can tell just how much of a dog person Luke is by the way he interacts with Duke.

    Sometimes I feel like he pays more attention to Duke than he does to me.

    "Addie..." he says warningly as if noticing I'm distracted.

    "Sorry!" I say quickly putting my eyes back on the page.

    He chuckles, luckily finding amusement in the situation as I see I really haven't made any progress in this book. It's as if every part of me would rather just sit here and watch Luke play with my dog.

    I can't help but just watch him considering he's just that damn beautiful. The way he sits against the wall in a plain black tshirt and black slacks with his hair perfectly done, I want nothing more than to kiss him. How am I supposed to lay here and not?

    It's hard to believe there was a time where Luke didn't present himself like this. I know the guys were a major driving force when it came to the physical change but it seems as if it's what he prefers now of days. I never see him leaning towards dressing the way he used to. Luke's now confident in the Luke he is now.

    "It does not take this long to get to the part!"

    "I'm sorry!" I cry out. "You're just so distracting."

    Luke laughs, seeing the humor in this as he shakes his head and asks, "How can I possibly be distracting when I'm just sitting here petting your dog?"

    "Exactly, you're sitting there looking absolutely amazing and all I can think about is kissing you."

    Luke shoots up and eyebrow, luckily being amused by this. His hands pause from petting Duke but he doesn't move from his spot. He holds my eyes with his own gaze and seems to challenge me to continue talking.

    "Oh yeah?" he asks.

    "Yeah," I say as if it were obvious. "It's really hard being in the same room as you when all I want to do is kiss you."

    "Then why haven't you?"

    "Because I know how happy you'll be once I read your favorite part of this book but I can't focus because you're sitting there looking so good. But I also want to make you happy so I want to read but every piece of me wants to kiss you," I speak at a million miles an hour.

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