our little secret.

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Addison's POV:

    I walk into criminal justice and spot my usual seat there and open as always. Bryant had told me he'd meet me here considering he had some fraternity event at their house.

    I notice I had even beat Luke to the classroom as his front desk is empty and clear of any sign of him. This is new considering he is always early to class.

    Especially because I just saw him in the coffee shop. Except, he was rather quiet today. All he did was give me a nod before grabbing his coffee and taking it to his seat. I tried not to think too much into it but it still left me curious.

    Maybe he's bored of checking every day to see if I've read the book yet and has given up. Honestly, at the rate it's currently going, I'd give up too.

    I just shrug it off as I pull out my items for the day and tighten the ponytail that sits on the top of my head. Once again, I'm thinking too much into Luke and need to take a step back.

    Opening my notebook to a new page, I notice the door open which grabs my attention quicker than I'd like it to. As expected, Luke walks in with a book in his hand making a beeline for his desk. I attempt to catch a glimpse of the book but his hand manages to cover the whole front of it.

    I wonder why he walks towards his desk not looking out into his sea of students which he usually does. Instead, he struts in wearing a pair of black slacks and a white button-down that he keeps buttoned to the top.

    An outfit I can't help but think he actually looks good in.

    God, why do I keep having these thoughts? Why is it that as soon as I saw his arms and that damn curl, I can't help but admire the sight of Luke Hemmings? What the hell has gotten into me?

    Groaning inwardly at my own thoughts, I place my hands over my face and try to knock the thoughts out of my head. I can't help but blame a certain someone who goes by Calum Hood for making me think any of this, to begin with.

    "What's up, Professor Hemmings?"

    I take my hands off my face to see Bryant standing there offering him a hand to clap. What?

    Luke seems just as hesitant but claps his hand regardless and says, "Good morning Bryant."

    "I'm excited for class today. I did the reading last night and it seems like we're going to have an interesting lecture," Bryant says making me look around to see if his friends are snickering or anything. What the hell is going on?

    "Did you?" Luke asks with a raise of his eyebrow.

    "Oh yeah," Bryant says nodding his head. "I loved the excerpt about the guy who was in jail for smoking too much weed and then going for a run in the middle of traffic."

    He actually did read? What is going on today?

    "Oh, well I'm glad you enjoyed the reading," Luke says clearing his throat.

    "Yeah me too," Bryant says. "Let me know if you need to call on anyone to answer the questions."

    I look around once more, making sure I didn't miss anything or anyone. What's going on?  Bryant doesn't willingly do school work yet here he is raving to our teacher about the reading he did for the homework last night.

    "Will do, thank you, Bryant," Luke says seeming skeptical but appreciative.

    Bryant nods before turning around, a wide smile on his face. He walks up to me and that's when I notice he has two smoothies in his hands as he strolls up to me.

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