broken home.

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Moving my boyfriend into my room has been one of the weirdest experiences.

    Not that the process was all that weird, more so the thought that my professor who also happens to be my boyfriend is now going to be living in my room with me. On top of that, we no longer will have his place to run away to once this place gets too packed.

    I tried to be more help than I was when it came to moving boxes and what not, but ultimately, I left it to the guys. Mostly because whenever I tried to help, I seemed to only make it harder for everyone.

    I even offered to do a lot of the organization of his belongings but Luke insisted he wanted things a very specific way so he left it to himself. I'd like to believe I'm a very organized person but I don't think I compare much when it comes to Luke.

    In fact, he begged me to change my color coded closet in order to reorganize things his way. I reluctantly gave him because I knew it would make him happy.

    Soon it seemed as if my big room had completely shrunk in size. His guitars lined a far corner as he took up half of my closet. On top of that, he even put in different shoe racks for the two of us in order to allow both of us to have all of our shoes in the closet.

    He even brought upon the idea of buying a new bed but I insisted that was unnecessary. My bed is in no way small but he told me he didn't want us to feel confined considering we'd be sharing a bed every night. We both quickly agreed that we didn't need a bigger bed and that sleeping together every night is more than we could ask for.

    As I help drag in the last box, I can't help but lay out in my bed and let out a dramatic breath. I want nothing more than to just lay here for the rest of the day and not move.

    Luke laughs as he catches sight of me and runs a hand through his hair that seems to have been tossed around in the process.

    "At least that's the last of it," he says looking around to observe everything that we had put up.

    It was a perfect mix between the two of us. My bed remains in the center of the room with my TV mounted onto the ceiling. His guitars were laid out against the wall on the right side of the room and he even put up a plaque of hooks in order to hang his work briefcase and stuff on.

I even willingly gave him half of my bathroom as he neatly put his stuff where it belonged. It felt weird to have my room be part of his now too. But it also brings me a sense of security. Now that I'm living with Luke, I feel as if he's my home.

"Thank god," I respond honestly as I close my eyes and lay my legs out on the bed.

"Should we go out to celebrate?" Luke asks suggesting something that requires moving. I groan at the thought and almost immediately say no when I decide to maybe give whatever he has to offer a shot.

"What does celebrating entail?"

Luke chuckles as he walks over to our bed and sits beside me. I watch him carefully as he looks down at me and shrugs his shoulders.

"We could go for a walk on the beach or something, it's a nice hour," my ears immediately perk up at this.

Considering it's almost seven, the weather and the sky really is beautiful. Taking a walk on the beach is something Luke and I have yet to do which leaves me baffled.

"Let's do it," I say springing up from my bed and smiling at Luke.

Luke gets up as well and I don't bother changing out of my oversized sweatshirt that was given to me by Calum. I wear a pair of shorts and pair them with sandals as Luke stays in his shorts and t-shirt.

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