*Juliet POV*  

"It's beautiful."

A cool breeze blew in the midday hear.  My auburn hair was forced back from the wind as I sat in the Ferris wheel seat with my hands intertwined with Jason's.  We were stationary just near the top.  The sun wasn't setting, nor was it night out, but the view was still stunning.  You can see ever booth and ride that filled the grassy field of the fair.  Just beyond were views of bordering neighborhoods and shops.  Within the peaceful silence, Jason cleared his throat.

"Will you go out with me?"

I turned my head to the blushing guy beside me.  Did I just here him right?

"What did you say?"  I raised my eyebrows as I looked into his eyes for the truth.

Jason, with more confidence, repeated the question.  "Will you go out with me?"

I just stared at him, my heart skipped a beat.  I wasn’t expecting that and, for a moment, I was silent.  I didn’t even catch myself when I said a thought out loud.

"I thought we were already dating."

Jason looked at me wide eyed and started a light laughing of relief.  The Farris wheel began to move again, and I just sat back in my chair with my arms crossed over my chest.  He steadied his laughter, looking in my direction.

"So," he paused, "I take that as a yes?"

The side of my mouth slowly turned up.  "Yes." 

He took me into his arms as we slowly made our way back down.  When the Farris wheel came to a complete stop, Jason stepped off before me.  He turned back, holding his hand out towards my direction so he could assist me as I exited.

We decided on playing carnival games as our last activity before we left.  A little kid passed beside me, holding a giant pink pig in his arms.  She could barely see over the stuffed animal, but she didn’t give up walking with it in her hands through the crowd.  Jason must have seen my eyes following the little girl and the delight covering my face because he led us to a booth with all different species of stuffed animals hanging up.  On the back wall, balloons of all colors were displayed.  The concept of the game was to purchase darts and hit as many balloons as possible.

Jason took out some of the remaining tickets and handed them over the bald man with the fiery red beard.  The man returned from behind the counter with six darts in hand.  Jason thanked the man and took a few steps backwards.  I watched in fascination as he took his time and aimed at the rainbow colored balloons.  He used every dart and six of the targets were deflated.

“Where did you learn to aim like that?”  I asked out of curiosity while clapping my hands together in joy.

“Video games.”  He replied simply.

It was then my turn to laugh at him, like he did when we were on the Farris wheel.

Jason warned me, “If you laugh at me I won’t give you the prize.”

With that said, I immediately closed my mouth with a grin.

Jason thanked the bearded man as he handed over a giant teddy bear with a red bow tied around his neck.

“I’ll carry it while we walk around,” Jason said.

“Thank you.”  I took his free arm, locking them together as we went to the next booth.

We came to a stop when we made it to the spot where Jason parked his car.  He reached into his pocket and hit the unlock button on his keys.  I went over to the passenger side door, but Jason beat me to it.  Like a gentlemen, he opened the door and waited for me to through.

The drive back to the school was shorter than the drive there.  Before I knew it, darkness was taking over the sky. 

As we pulled up to the school, I turned to the back seat and pulled my oversized teddy bear into my lap.  Jason walked around to the passenger door and opened it before I even got a chance to even reach for the handle.

"Thank you," I said with shyness.

We strolled in comfortable silence through the dim lit courtyard.  Students around us were dressed in flashy party clothing as they met their friends at designated spots.

We arrive at our dorm, heading towards the elevator right inside the door.  Jason follows in behind me as the elevator moves gradually to the next floor.  The silence that began since we got closer to the school still hangs in the air around us.  Luckily we spent most of the ride talking about what we did at the carnival.

After exiting the elevator, we took a few steps, and were standing in front of my dorm room door.  I took the key out of my pocket and placed it into the metal lock.  While turning it to the side I felt it click.  I opened the door then turned back to Jason.

“I enjoyed our first date,” Jason stated.

“Me too, and thank you once again.”  I hug the bear close to my chest.

“You’re welcome.”  The quiet came creeping back.  Jason and I remained looking into each other’s eyes as I stood in the doorway.  I wanted him to make the first move.  “Well,” he spoke into the silence, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”  He said the last few words in a questioning tone as if he wasn’t sure.

I sent him a smile, even though that wasn't how I was feeling.  “Goodnight.”

Jason turned on the ball of his heal and walked down the hall in the direction of the elevator.  I waited a second before I strolled inside and closed the door behind me.  I thought to myself, wondering if I most have done something wrong.  Did Jason not enjoy his date with me?  It seemed like everything was going well.  He said he did have a good time with me.  Was he just saying that to make me feel better?  I know he has probably been on amazing dates to fancy places with gorgeous models and actresses, so I would understand if he didn’t enjoy the carnival date.  I leaned on the back of the door, clutching the bear with all my might. 

There was a frantic knock from the other side and I panicked a little.  Quickly I opened the door to find Jason standing before me.  He searched my eyes before pressing his lips to mine.  It was unlike our first kiss, the night of my performance.  This one was more needed and deeper. 

When he broke away, we were both left breathless.  Jason leaned his forehead against mine and I knew the grin upon his face reflected mine.

“Goodnight, Juliet.”  Jason kissed cheek and went back towards the elevator.

“Goodnight, Jason.”


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