*Jason POV*

I walk out of the music room with my phone now pressed against my ear. I let out soft sigh thinking about the moment Juliet and I just spent together.

"Jason?" I hear my dad's voice call out to me.

"Yes dad?"

"I was just wondering if you have talked to your cousin lately."

"Well, no not recently. He's been pretty busy. Plus we never talk like we use too." I zone out, thinking about where my dad may be going with this.

"Okay just curious." My eyes roll dramatically. Was that the only reason he called? Then he spoke once again. "I have been meaning to talk to the two of you. But since he has already been staying in New York, I talked to him over dinner yesterday."

I nod my head, realizing that he can't actually see me now. "How did that go?"

"I guess you'll find out when I talk to you on Sunday."

With that tiny conversation we had, he hung up. Not many goodbyes ever come out of his mouth. At times he can be a man of few words.

I think about heading back to my seventh period where Juliet was present. But, the bell made my decision and I walked towards the guys' assigned dorm building.

My mind drifted off to Juliet. She and I shared a brief moment in the music room. As we stared into each other's eyes and harmonized with the music I couldn't help but sing along with the song. I don't know if I was singing it to her or not. But if I was, I wouldn't deny it.

I grabbed the key that I kept deep in my front left pocket, and unlocked my dorm's door. I took a step into the large modern kitchen with the custom cabinets and dark granite countertops. As I continued to walk forward, I entered my living room. With its inviting couch and cozy loveseat it was the place I loved to just watch great movies with friends, or the occasional game on the humungous TV.

My bedroom its self was truly phenomenal. With my California king bed that was covered in a pricey silk comforter, you could tell someone with money sleeps here. My never-ending closet was organized by color thanks to one of the staff on campus. The bathroom that attached to my bedroom was totally occupied with either marble or glass. It was a great to relax in the large bath tub after a rough day.

Then I have my spare room, which is full of many things. I have two guitars, one acoustic and on electric, that are hanging on their wall stands. The room also has four cushioned chairs that circle around a game table. I have a Mac that sits placed on top of my black wooden desk.

All in all, my room is about the same layout as all the others in the building. Though, it is enlarged a bit and also has my own furnishing inside.

I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket indicating a text, so I know for sure it isn't my dad. After taking it out, I read what it said.

'Hey. Are you going to the club with me tonight?'

As I finished reading it, I saw Camerons name. I didn't need to think hard and long to come up with my response. I clicked reply and typed,

'Sure thing, I'll meet you there at 6.'

Within seconds he replied back to me.


I decided there was no since in replying back to him, so I just closed my phone and through it back into my pocket. Now I just need to change into something a little more club appropriate.

*Juliet POV*

"Please." The all look up at me with their puppy dog eyes and their hands grasped together. Their attempt to having me agree to going to some club is starting to work. I feel my power crumble under their looks.

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