*Juliet POV*

I rushed to my room with a trailing thought. For some reason I kept thinking about Jason. He was so sweet and kind, even though I came onto him with a pissed off attitude. I wonder what his place is in this school. I haven't seen him with anyone else to know who he hangs out with. Though, he is dating Rachel, the head cheerleader, so he must be popular. But really gets me is Logan's thoughts on him. He just seemed aggravated when he first found out Mr. Parker had the guitar. I'll just ask him another day.

As I arrived to my dorm room I admittedly freshened up in the bathroom. I brushed my outplaced hair, added a little mascara, and sprayed a dash of fresh perfume. I was just getting ready to go out for dinner at the Basement. I wasn't planning on impressing anyone, was I?

Right then, my phone rung from my pocket. I looked at it to see Logan's name and a picture of us with crazy faces. Plopping down on my bed, I pressed accepts and he spoke right away.

"Where have you been?" He sounded worried like in a brothering way. "I haven't seen you since the lunch incident. Are you alright?"

I sighed. "I'm perfectly fine. I was at school for most of the day. Oh, and guess what?" I waited for him to ask, and when he did I continued my story. "In my seventh period I have music and Jason Parker is in that class. I found him playing my guitar in the studio. Then after I smacked him in the face and proved to him it was my guitar, he gladly handed it over and we talked for a while." I said everything all so fast and I was nearly out of breath.

"You what?" He asked in complete and utter shock. I was on the verge of replying with the whole story again, but he went on. "You meet that stuck up jerk. Not to mention you punched him in the face. I can't bel-"

I interrupted him, "He's not a jerk. You don't have to judge him like that." I paused before adding something else to the conversation. "And no, I didn't punch him in the face. It was a smack. There is a big difference." Really, there is.

"Yeah, whatever. You obviously don't know him as well as I do."

"Well, I guess I don't. Would you like to explain what your problem is with him anyway? You always seem so pissed off when we talk about him. Do you care to explain?" I ask full of concerned and not hatred.

"No." He managed to say with gritted teeth, as it sounded.

"Fine. What are you doing for dinner? Do you want to meet me at the Basement in ten minutes?"

"No thanks." Logan's normal voice is back. "I have to meet my uncle at six. Sorry."

"No problem. I guess I'll see if the girls want to join me." That sounds like a great idea. "See you later."

"Bye." With that said he hung up like he was in a rush. Well it is almost six. I hope he doesn't end up late because of me.


I enter the semi dark room of the Basement. With chairs and tables scattered around, a large bar on one wall and a stage set up with interments, it is a perfect hangout for students. And of course I was right. I could see the whole place filled with students who were running their mouths and laughing with their head held back.

I spot Rebecca's light blonde hair as she franticly waves a hand toward me. She is sitting at a small four person table near the front of the stage. Abbie and Bailey are sitting on either side of her smiling toward my direction.

"Hey, Julies." They all say in unison. There was music playing relevantly loud in the place so they had to speak a little louder than usual.

"Hey guys." I take a seat right when Abbie opens her mouth and slams her hand on the table. I knew what was coming.

"Okay, you are my true idol." Well I wasn't expecting that exactly. "I have always wanted to get up in that girl's face since I meet her. But I have never had the guts to do that. Let alone in front of the whole school."

Bailey, on my left, pulls me into a hug. "You're amazing!" She screeches dramatically in attempt to be all preppy.

We all laugh along with what she said. For some reason I wasn't expecting them to be so thankful that I embarrassed Blonde Bitch like that. Though, I was glad they enjoyed my little rage as well.

"Hey Jul I'm glad you came." A semi loud male voice came from behind me.

I turn around to see Jason giving me a smirk as he walked over to the stage. A few eyes were on us. Well they had wonder in their eyes as they looked at me and awe was in eyes in Jason's direction. What is their deal?

I wave and smile in his direction before he disappears into the back of the stage. All of a sudden I hear gasps and hands slamming against the table. I turn around to see my friends' wide eyes.

"You know...HIM?" Rebecca asks well more of demands.

I let off a low chuckle. "Yeah he's in my music class. Plus he had my guitar." They were obviously puzzled at what I had said, so I went on. "I lost my guitar on the first day of school. Henry, the dude in the front office, didn't know whose it was and placed it in lost and found. Jason found it and bought it off of him. Then I saw him singing while playing my guitar in the studio. Then I smacked him, we talked and he gave me my guitar back."

There was complete silence and then, "You smacked that beautiful face." Abbie asked like it was her mind speaking for her. Immediately we all laughed at her cluelessness.

After we finally calmed down and ordered we just talked about random likes and dislikes. Then a loud buzzing sound appeared. I looked up to the stage that was directly in front of us. Becca had to turn her body around, but we all turned to look at the stage where Jason was standing in front of the microphone with 'his' guitar and some other attractive guys on their instruments.

"Welcome everyone to the Basement. I'm Jason Parker as many of you know and my band and I are going to be playing for you tonight." Clapping sounded the room, and as it was dying down he spoke again. "We will be doing a cover of Brick Wall by Before You Exit."

Our food came and we all happily ate it as the band played in the background. We talked on and off through our meal. When the topic of the bonfire came back into play we got serious.

Bailey spoke up after a sip of her soda. "I wonder where the secret location will be this year. I mean I know it's at the beach but what area."

"What's the secret location?" I ask out of wonder.

Abbie speaks up this time to answer my question. "On the night of the bonfire the people who are invited get a text. They are not allowed to share that text with anyone. It holds where the location of the party will be. It is usually sent around 7 o'clock and everyone ends up arriving by 8. Last year Logan got the text while we were at the diner down the road. He decided to invite us because no one sent us the text of the invitation. Normally they wouldn't allow poor scholars but Logan isn't like most of them. We stayed for most of the party kind of out of sight. Then Rachel saw us and got us kicked out." The last part was said with sadness.

"She has no right to kick you off a public beach." I state matter-of-factly.

"No but that's Rachel for you. Plus she hired some freakishly huge body guards who gladly took us to our cars." Becca finished of the facts.

Now my dislike for her has become stronger.

:) <3

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