Jason POV

I woke up early on Saturday morning and rushed down to the coffee shop.  Juliet seems to always be carrying a Frappuccino in the mornings so I decided to stop and get her one before I go up to her room.  The lazy eyed boy from behind the counter took my order and went to the back to make it.  His movements seemed like he was sleepwalking through his morning routine.

A high-top table calls my name as I take a seat and wait for my order to be completed.  I wasn’t allowed any time to settle in my chair before my name was called from behind the counter.  A frappe and latte sate on the bar top.  I placed a plastic green straw in both of the cups before walking out the door.

It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in sight.  A cool breeze blew making the temperature perfect.  I took my time walking while I was on my way to Juliet’s room.  I just hope I don’t wake her up

I approach her door quietly and with caution.  Both my hands had a cold cup in them so I used the back of my wrist to tap the wooden door.  It wasn’t even a second before Juliet’s smiling face and morning hair came to the door.  She was wearing cotton shorts and an old high school t-shirt.

After I leaned in to kiss he cheek I gave her the cup that made my hands burn from the cold beverage inside.  “I stopped at the coffee shop and bought you this.  I hope its what yo8u normally get because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure.”  She just continued to smile at me, and then took a quick sip.  “If that’s not what you wanted I could always run back down there and get you another.  It wouldn’t be any trouble at all.”

She just let out a cute little chuckle, “No it’s exactly what I wanted.  Thank you.”  She opened the door even wider.  “You can come in and wait while I get dressed.  Don’t worry. It’ll only take a second.”


I watched her as she scurried off into her bedroom.  After I took a step inside, I closed the door behind me and walked over to the couch.  I just sat there and looked around the room for a couple of minutes.  A Seventeen Magazine was sitting onto of the coffee table.  Curiosity got the best of me so I reached down and started to scroll through it.  Inside one page was an ad for a celebrity perfume.  On the fold was a sample of the fragrance.  I pulled the tab back and stuck my face inside the book.  From behind me I could hear Juliet burst out in laughter.  The smell was terrible and when I turned to f ace her it caused me to wrinkle up my nose in disgust.

“What kind of perfume is that?” I asked trying to wipe the smell away from my nose.


Juliet’s laughter faded and she took the magazine out of my hand.  “That smell was Chanel.”  She closed the magazine and placed it back on the table.  I can tell that it is something that you aren’t a fan of.”


I shook my head with a smile.  “No way”


She plopped down on the cushion next to me, sitting Indian style.  “What are we going to do today?”


I haven’t really thought that far yet, but I had an idea in mind.  “It’s a surprise.  Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes.”


“Are we there yet?”  From the passenger seat, I heard Juliet ask the same question for the hundredth time since we had been in the car.  She had the window down and her hair was flying everywhere.  Though, she didn’t seem to care.


I ignored her question and kept driving.  We were almost there, I thought.  Then I saw the Farris wheel in between the trees and I knew I was right.


People were all around in the field at was transformed into a carnival.  I looked over to Juliet to see her reaction.  Her body was turned towards the door, and her head was leaning out the window.  I kept moving my eyes to peek at her as I searched for a parking space in the grass.  Each time I looked her way, a smile took over her face.


Juliet and I walked hand in hand up to the front entrance. I gave some cash to and elder lady inside a glass booth. In return she handed me a handful of tickets that were used to pay for games and rides. I took the bright pink tickets and placed them in my pocket

 Juliet and I walked hand in hand up to the front entrance.  I gave some cash to and elder lady inside a glass booth.  In return she handed me a handful of tickets that were used to pay for games and rides.  I took the bright pink tickets and placed them in my pocket. 


"Thank you."  Juliet said once we made it completely into the carnival.


I pulled her closer to me as we continued walking.  "You're welcome."


We continued walking further into the carnival.  There were people everywhere around us, mainly children and their parents.  I had look above their heads at a sign where quite a few people stood in its line.  I dragged Juliet with me when the words were visible to me: Bumper Cars.


“Where are we going?”  Juliet asked in a voice of amusement as I weaved through the crowd.  She must have seen the sign that read my destination.  “Bumper cars?”  You can tell she was pretty excited as she picked up pace and took a spot in line.


Cute little chapter, I think.

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