*Juliet POV*

I stood there in complete and utter shock. My breath was taken away for more than one reason. I was angry, more like furious, because someone things it's okay to just steal my guitar. Even if they didn't know who's it was. I was also flabbergasted from the angelic filled voice that was coming from a godlike guy. But everything is mainly because of my anger. I really didn't need more stress pilled on me today. Just my luck, right?

He finally finishes his singing and looks up at me. His blue eyes were making me melt. We both stared at each other, are eyes were completely locked. I couldn't figure out what he was thinking, but I did notice a bit of wonder in his expression.

*Jason POV*

I strum the last chord of the song on this amazing guitar. I found it the first day I came back to school from my vacation in Germany with my family. I was just in the front office when I saw the back door open. Henry, the bellboy, was looking through all the lost and found stuff that was gathered throughout the first semester. We always end up auctioning them off after a semester so we can raise money and have more room for other lost objects.

"Yo, Henry. What are you up to?" I say while startling Henry. He bumps into the shelf, causing something to fall from the left of me and bang into my legs. I bend down to pick up the black leather case that fell onto me. I noticed right away it was a guitar case.

"Whose is this?" I ask while opening it up. My question finally hits me, and I think of how stupid it was. Of course they don't know whose it is. That is the reason why it is in the lost and found.

"I don't know Mr. Parker, sir. Are you interested in buying it?"

I hate it when people talk to me so formally. I know I am the son of the richest family in all of England and America. But I am still a seventeen year old boy. I am nothing like my father, and I'm not planning on be.

My family owns many hospitals and the biggest research center in America. Their goal is to find a cure for cancer but I'm not sure that will happen in their lifetime. So they are investing in their various hospitals that are located around the world, from Canada to the island of Mauritius. I would estimate about 187 locations, but I bet it is probably more since we keep building. Each year we build more hospitals, employ more workers, and earn more money. Soon it will be my turn to run the business because I am the heir. But I don't want too.

In fact I don't know what I want to do in my life. I know that I love to help others and play music. But it isn't easy to find a job that includes both. Not to mention my parents would have a fit if I told them that I don't want to run the company when they retire. It's not like they can't find someone else to take over. I know my sister, McKenzie, is only 8 years old, but she could take over when she is old enough. And I'm pretty sure my cousin would love to take over. But my parents only insist on me doing the job and it sucks.

Now that I have finished my daydream and my last chord of the song, I take the chance to look up at my classmates. I know for sure they will love it, because they don't want to disappoint me. They all treat me like I'm a king and I hate it. Though, they won't stop it. I raise my head and meet the eyes of a stranger.

Her crystal clear blue eyes are filled with anger. I see her straight brown hair fall over her shoulders as she just stands there glaring at me. Bracelets filled her now crossed arms. Okay, what did I miss? This strange, yet pretty, girl is angry at me and I don't even know what I did.

I unlock our intense stare and head through the door. I need to find out what her deal is because I am really curious. She has to be new because there is no way she would be angry at me if she knew who I really was.

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