*Juliet POV*

Abbie and I are dancing like complete idiots who seemed more drunk than sober. Though we had absolutely nothing to drink. In fact, Bailey went to get us some drinks since we were starting to feel parched. I settled on ordering just a water and Abbie a soda. Rebecca on the other hand, was off dancing with some hot drunken guy on the other side of the dance floor.

The song changes to more of a slower song, which kind of caught Abbie and I off guard. So, with the flip in music genres, we walked over to a high top table. The metal tabletop had four tall seats. I decided to occupied the one to the left of Abbie's as we looked around to see where Bailey was.

We spotted Bailey looking through the crowd for us. Her red hair was easy to spot out through the crazed crowd. Luckily she caught sight of us frantically waving at her.

"Here you go." I got off my seat and ran towards her to offer my help. She had her hands utterly full as she tried balancing three drinks while removing a stray piece of hair out of her eyes.

"Thanks." She responded as I grabbed Abbie's drink and mine.


We sat there for about an hour talking about random people. The types of people who were so drunk they couldn't stand straight, the couples who didn't know how to grind with the beat, and the ones who just looked completely stupid with shrimp sticking out of there hair. We weren't quiet sure how that happened.

"Are you guys ready for tomorrow?" I ask, trying to change the topic that got on from seeing an older man dancing with a senior from our school.

"Are you kidding me? I am stoked!" Abbie squeals while slamming her hands hard to the table.

Bailey and I just laugh and shake our head at her outburst.

A voice from my side interrupted us. The smooth and rich tone is easy to hear, even over the pounding bass in the background. "Have you guys seen Cameron?"

I look up to see a guy standing at my side. I could easily recognize the voice, but the appearance was unfamiliar. With the dark shades, and the white beanie on his head that wasn't there when he first came in, he looked like he was up to something. He also seemed very jittery with his movements, as he scanned the club.

"No I haven't sorry." He groaned and searched around. "Jason, are you alright? Do you want me to help you find him?" He nods his head, but there is still panic in his movements.

I look back to my group of friends as they gesture me off with their hands to help Jason.

He moves in front of me as I am being dragged behind him.

*Jason POV*

I panic as I notice that Cameron has disappeared. We were running through the crowd of dancing people trying to stay out of view. Apparently the paparazzi have this place surrounded. I guess my dad most have done something big in the business field.

Not only are the paparazzi after us, but Cameron has a bad background. Before he became a music producer, he grew up with drug and alcohol problems. His parents were well off being millionaires and all, but Cameron was having a tough life. He found his father cheating on his mother with one of his secretaries. That caused him to break there family apart as he told the truth to his mother.

Though, the main problem was what happened that one September night. Cameron and his brother went out to go get some drugs from a local gang that was from downtown. It was like any other time they went for drugs; they met in a dark alley, paid for a package, received the drugs, and left. It was as simple as that.

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