*Juliet POV*

Walking through the courtyard I feel the winter breeze against my face which feels nice and soothing. That is until miliseconds later I realized the 12 something set of eyes on me. The randomly scattered students are watching my every step. Some are whispering to one another while others are sending me different glares. I speed up my walk as I realize that Logan is a few feet ahead of me.

"Liking the attention?" Logan asks with a hint of sarcasm trailed in his voice.

I slap him across the arm. "Hey, whats that suppose to mean?"

"It means that we never get any new students. Well, unless you are a freshman. But never a sophmore, junior or senior." He lets out his little giggle, which makes me notice his gayness.

"Really?" I say as we head up the concrete stairs that lead to a large brick buliding that looks like an apartment complex with the words 'West Wing' on it. I take a loud gulp. As we near the door.

Logan stops and looks at me. "Yeah. Most of us here have been with eachother for our whole high school life. So, you will be the talk of the school for a little while. Not to mention the room situation..." He takes a deep breath, which was really noticable, and opens the door to my new dorm building.


Once entering the noisy lobby section of the building that had chairs, elevators, stairs, and giant windows that looked out onto the back of the school. Which included the green grass that met to the mysterious forest. The only thing I saw was a football coming in my direction. Since I was always very athletic and grew up with all boy cousions, neighbors, and a lot of them as friends, I caught the ball like it was nothing new. That is when the room fell into dead silence.

I then realized that all the guys in the hallway were staring right at me. Okay, so I can take a few stares from the people in the courtyard, but this! I felt self conscious and crossed my hands over my chest. Logan grabbed my elbow and leaded me through the dumbstruck group of about 20 to 30. I do have to admit that they all looked really hott! Most in designer jeans, tshirts, longsleaves, and hoddies since it was still winter time.

"Um. Can I have that back?" A guy with dark brown eyes and short, spiked, black hair appeared in front of me. He seemed a little confused about me being here. His eyes told it all.

I took me a second to realize that he was talking to me and about the football that still layed in my hand. I slowly gave it to him and spoke. "Here"

With out another word he took the ball from my hand and left to a small group of his friends. That is when all the whispers broke out. Im not sure what it is, but it reminded me of a bunch of preppy gossip girls. I would have burst into laughter if they werent whispering about me.

"Come on, your room is on the second floor." Logan stated and continued to pull me along.

We entered the supprisingly large elevator. Why we didnt take the stairs? I have no idea. Logan reached over to click the number two button. Then, full of sarcasm, he said, "I think this is going to be a blast!"

I let out a low chuckle and hit him on the arm. "You really need to be helping me. Its not time to joke. This is serious." Im not really worried but its all new to me.

"And you really need to stop hitting me. I think Im getting a boo boo." I jerk my head to look up at his puppy dog face. He looked like he was going to explode into laughter while keeping a straight face. That is when we both were laughing and trying to catch our breaths when the elevator came to a stop. There were two guys in front of us standing side by side. Both with confusion writen all over their face. I think Ill be seeing that face a lot for a week or a few.

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