*Juliet POV*

I gave the driver a quick tip, and exited through the car door. There I was alone in a large city in front of a small resturant. It was called Argos. It seemed like a trashy little diner lost in the huge city. I wasnt sure if I should eat here, or walk to find another resturant a few blocks down.

Of course I am to lazy at this moment to search for another resturant, since I have been searching all day for Mr. Parker. So I just walk on into the door covered in chipped red paint.

To my suprise I saw a pretty crowded diner. There was only one couple standing, waiting for a seat. Suddenly a small red head girl comes and takes them away to a table. Now I am left standing alone.

I start to zone out while Im looking around at the diner. I see old couples sitting with denture filled smiles laughing at one another. A few families with wild kids eating with their sticky fingers. Then I see a bunch of high school students in different groups eating. Now I feel a little awkward coming alone. Maybe I should go.

"How many?" a skittish voice asks me and I turn to face her.

"Oh, just one please." With that reply she grabs a menu and gestures me to follow her.

I end up at a two chaired table next to the window. She puts the menu in front of me and says that the waiter will be here shortly. And she was right. It wasnt long until a guy headed my way with a notepad in his hand headed in my direction. Wait, is that-

"Julies! Whats up?" Kyle says with excitment as he flops down into the seat across from me.

"Well, I was planning on eating. But I guess my waiter doesnt want to take my order" I say looking away with my head held high.

"I would rather hear about your day it has to be exciting. You were looking for your guitar right?"

"How did you know?"

"Word gets around fast at the school. Plus Logan told me. Anyway, did you find it?"

"Nope," I state looking down at my menu to figure out what to order. "Logan says he will talk to Mr. Parker tomorrow. Oh I want the chicken pot pie and a sweet tea. Please."

He writes down my order then walks away. Then, after taking a few steps toward the kitchen, he turns to face me. "Mr. Parker has your guitar." I nod, not knowing if its a good thing or a bad thing. "Good luck."

With that he walks away into the kitchen. Definitely a bad thing.


After eating my delicious pot pie, I head home. I was to tired to do a single thing. This whole day seemed to drag on forever and I cant wait to just sleep in tomorrow.

I lay my head on my pillow once I got into my pjs and slowly closed my eyes...

Wait! I have school tomorrow. I jerked myself up at the thought, then plopped back onto the bed. I wonder how this is going to work out. A new school, new people, new teachers, and new drama. That is the number one thing I hate about school. Forget the evil teachers and homework, drama is a thousand times worse. Well, it depends on what kind of drama. But pretty much every types is the bad kind.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock before I stumble out of bed. I slept like a baby which is what I wished for. I need my rest for today. I just couldnt stand being tired and having to deal with school. That would just leave me cranky.

After I took my shower and got dressed in a plain white v neck and dark blue skinny jeans, I went to dry and straighten my hair. My long brown hair is always a rats nest in the morning. It isnt as bad as Sammys is in the morning, gosh what a seen, but it isnt the best thing to go out in public with.

My hands were aching from keeping them up to straighten and dry my hair. I shake them around as I walk into the kitchen for some breakfast that i wasnt really hungry for. The way I wanted to start off my day was with a bowl of Captain Crunch, and maybe if I have time to grab a coffee on my way to class.

I made my bowl and scarfed it down within a short amount of time. I didnt realise how hungry I really was, unti the food was layed out in front of me. I dont understand how a girl like me can eat so much, yet not gain any weight. Thank God for a high metablism.

Once I place my bowl in the sink, I hear a knock at my door. I walk over to find Logan on the other side with a Carmel Frappe in his hands. I squeal like a preppy cheerleader and pull him into a hug. He laughs as I take it from his hands and start sipping away.

I pull away from my chewed straw and thank him. "Thanks so much. I really needed this today."

"I know you will. School is going to be hell for you today. But Ill be here for ya." He places an arm over my shoulder after I grab my backpack off the couch.

We walk out of the dorm into the hallway full of wild, hot guys with backpacks over their shoulders, halfway put on shirts, food in their mouths, and objects flying for one person to another. I also see Kyle and WInston join us, as I finish locking my dorm. We all walk together out of the building, side by side, ready for the new semester to start. Oh, joy!


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