*Jason POV*

After I got off the phone with my father's assistant who was suppose to be sending his private jet back to New York, I went back to the hotel in which I was staying in. I know it may not have been a wise choice to go back, but I had no where else to go and no money. My plan was to get in without being seen and grab some money so I could stay the night at a cheap motel. No matter how rundown the motels can be in New York, anything would be better than staying one more night with my dad.

As I slipped through the back entrance, with the help of a hotel staff member, I made my way up the elevator to the penthouse suite. I don't know if it was just empty because everyone was supposedly at work, or my dad payed to clear out the area to keep bad publicity away. from the family name.

Once I cautiously entered the hallway that lead up to the suite, I listened around to make sure my father's voice wasn't heard. If he was in the room at the time then I would have been screwed. Luckily, no sound came as I put my ear to the door of the suite except for the laughter of a little girl. Instantly I recognized that laughter as my little sister, Alice.

I reached into my back pocket to find the card that opened the door but came up empty-handed. I must have dropped the card when I was running around town away from the crazy paparazzi. With nothing else to do but knock, I raised my fist and lightly tapped against the wooden door.

It took less than a second before a middle aged women in an apron that was covered in flour came into view. With her dark hair in a high pony tail and glasses resting on the tip of her nose she smiled up at me. Mrs. Woodwind was mine and my sister's nanny when I was growing up, and now she is just Alice's. My father was, is, never home and we needed someone to watch after us. I have always looked up to her as a motherly figure when mine left. She sure played that role well.

A wooden spoon that was gripped in Mrs. Woodwind's hand hit me against the shoulder a couple of times. "Are you stupid? Why don't you have a bodyguard with you 24/7? Do you know how many times the press have called up to the room to ask for an interview? I don't even know how they got the number." She thinks the last part out loud before she pulls me into a loving hug.

I pull away after a moment as I feel a heavy weight take over my left leg. I look down to see Alice hugging onto my leg for dear life. A smile comes across my face as I kneel down to her level and peel her away from me. Then she squeals my name and hugs my neck tightly. When she pulled away I noticed the cookie dough and flour all over her face.

"We are making cookies!" She states before tugging me towards the kitchen where the aroma of sugary goodness surrounds me.

"You go finish cooking with Mrs. Woodwind, I have to go grab something from my room and Ill be right back." I say before I pass by the mouthwatering cookie dough and head to my bedroom.

Alice looks back at me with he mouth open about to say something but Mrs. Woodwind calls her name and asks her to help her with the next batch of cookies. I feel bad to have been gone for so long at school and come home just to leave again. I know she may not understand why I am leaving her but in time she will. There is no way I would leave unless Mrs. Woodwind was here to be with her. Otherwise she would be alone all the time because our father has never been around for us.

I enter my room that I grew up in for most of my life. The same white walls, dark blue comforter, and view of the city that has been my sanctuary for more than half my life. I head over to my top dresser drawer and yank it open. Inside is a variety of junk that I just shoved in there to keep everything looking clean. Behind all the magazines, trash, guitar picks, loose change, and CDs is a classic piggy bank. Its dark pink glass body was jammed full of money that was found in my pockets throughout a few years.

There was only one possible way to get it open, and that was to shatter it to pieces. I knew right away that it may not be a smart thing to do with Mrs. Woodwind and Alice just in the other room. Though, it had to be done. I thought about it for a second then came up with a plan.

My radio on my bedside table had a loud volume range. I clicked the power button and watched the tiny music system come to life. I cranked up the sound and locked my bedroom door. I decided it would be a good idea to place the piggy bank inside an empty pillow case to keep the broke pieces from go all over the floor. After I took my feather pillow out of its case and placed the piggy bank inside, I gripped the open edges and slammed the object against the hardwood floors.

Once I hit the case against the ground a couple of times before it broke, I opened it up and grabed out the money that was once inside the piggy bank. I ended up counting 321 solid dollars and a ton of loose change. I guess that is what you would call loose change in my life. Mainly since I use to get a couple hundred a week for my allowance.

My walking clothset was just to the right of me. I walk over to it and pull out my old backpack. The little bit of left over school supplies were emptied out onto my bed. I then filled the backpack with a spare change of clothes, my toothbrush, toothpaste, and the money that I have come up with.

I flung the bag over my shoulder before I turned off my radio and left the room. Everything became super quiet after the head banging music was turned off. Now all I could here was the rattling of pots and pans coming from the kitchen. I walked into that direction to see Mrs. Woodwind chasing Alice around with a wooden spoon. They had joyful smiles plastered onto their faces and laughter started filling my ears. I just wanted to stand right where I was at and watch as my little sister was having a good time with a woman I would consider my mom.

I thought about going into there and say my goodbyes to them, but I didn't want to interrupt. I didn't want to see those happy faces of the ones I love be destroyed by my decision to leave. Even though it was wrong to leave without telling someone I was leaving, I knew I had to go. It just felt right to go back to London. Especially if that means seeing Juliet again.


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