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*Jason POV*

I arrived at the airport in less than an hour. I would have been there sooner if I wasn't avoiding the paparazzi that I passed as they waited outside the hotel entrance. It still shocks me to this day because those photographers have to be extremely dedicated in order to wait outside, rain or shine, in order to get a picture. Good thing I was smart enough to think about sneaking out the back door.

As I made my way down the security line that is barely moving, I keep my head hung low. I wasn't going to take any chances of someone recognizing me. The bulky man in front of me takes a step forward leaving me only four people away from the medal detector. Before I can even take a step to close the space between me and the bulky man, I felt rough tug against my arm. The next thing I know, I am in the center of three very large bodyguards and they were shoving me out of the airport. I threw a handful of cursed words in their direction as I struggled to get free. It was useless.

We walked out the buildings doors and took an immediate right which lead us in front of a black, tinted windowed car. I would have thought I was being kidnapped if they didn't open the door to show my father sitting in there on his phone. He looked up from what he was doing and simply shook his head at me.

"When are you going to learn that I am in control of you?"

*Juliet POV*

It was early Tuesday afternoon and I was sitting at a desk in Mrs. Six's class. We were supose to be taking notes on the circulatory system but I didn't feel up to it. Instead I had my song writing notebook opened up in my lap. My mind was focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was to finish the song that was due on Thursday. I had only two more days to finish it. We don't even get to rehearse for the show so I was one hundred percent on my own.

I was biting my lower lip, a habit of mine when I concentrated, as I thought about how the song would be played. I had most of it written down on the paper, including the small section that Jason had saved into his phone. I placed my pen down on my desk as I thought about Jason.

He was somewhere, miles away, while I was stuck here at school practically alone. I know I have Abbie and the girls, and also Logan, but for some reason I feel like I know Jason so much better than all of them. I don't know why or how but I do. And now, we have gotten ourselves in a problem that we can not figure a solution to. I just hope we can figure something out soon, before someone finds out about it.

The bell must have rung because the next time I looked up I was alone in the classroom. I guess Mrs. Six was thrilled about lunch as well because she didn't even make sure that all of her students were out of the class. I closed my notebook, placed the pen in its rims, and tossed my backpack over my shoulders. The notebook was still in my hands because I planned on working on my song through out lunch.

When I arrived at the Cafeteria building I saw its normal chaos inside. It isn't quite the best choice of environment if I want to focus on writing a song that is due soon. So, I chose a more reasonable choice of location: in the courtyard under a shady tree. Luckily, it was a beautiful day outside and not many people chose to eat outside or skip lunch.

I ended up sitting under the same shaded tree that I sat under during the first few days I arrived here. It wasn't the largest tree around, nor the smallest, but it seemed to catch my eye. I kneeled down in the soft grass and opened my notebook to its previous page. I was tapping the pencil against the ground as I sang the song in my head. Absentmindedly I started humming the words out loud.

Before I knew it my hand was flying against the page. I was writing down, and erasing things that I don't remember even thinking about. Within a few minutes the notebook looked like a three year old was scribbling out random words throughout the page.

I reread the final outcome of the song with a smile forming on my face. I wasn't thinking about the crowds that I will have to preform in front of on Thursday. I was just thinking about how proud my mom would be of me to stand up on stage and sing my heart out.

As I closed my notebook and placed my pencil back in the rim, I stood up from my spot. I turned behind me to pick up my backpack to find a small green caterpillar climbing on its strap. I gently peeled it off and placed it on the grass beside my backpack. After taking one last look at the tiny creature, I headed off to my next class.


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