*Juliet POV*

The next morning I head to school by myself. Logan texted I last night after I got home from my little girls night out and he said that he was going to be gone today and tomorrow because of the family thing. I guess it was going to take longer than he had expected.

With my newly straightened hair, light colored jeans, and the red and white one shoulder shirt I was ready for another new day. I hope to stay out of the spotlight today and get through it without any problems. Though, knowing me, that will never happen.

I stroll through the courtyard on my way to my first period art class. The assignment that we were given still has me clueless about my choice. I guess I still have plenty of time to figure something out. But, the sooner I find out the better.

As I enter the classroom I immediately spot Abbie staring at me with a goofy smile. I hurriedly headed over to the one of four seats at her table. I pull out the one to her right and plop my butt in the chair. She gave me a quick hug before she spoke.

"Why didn't you tell me you had this class for first period?"

"Why didn't you ask?" She nods as we both giggle. "So where were you yesterday?"

"I had a dentist cleaning yesterday in the morning." She rolled her eyes annoyed. I guess she doesn't like the dentist, I mean who does?

"Sounds like fun." I say with a sarcastic tone. "Do you know what you are doing for your project or are you as confused as me?"

"I was planning on doing a painting of myself but I'll be made of things that interest me. If that even makes any since to you?" She asked the last sentence as a question.

"Yeah I think I get it." I sigh and rest my head on my hands as the bell rings. The teacher, Ms. Meade, just sits at her computer on her email as everyone else works on their projects.

Winston comes in right when the late bell rings and sits across me. He has a handful of notebooks in his hand that have different names on each. I guess each one is for a different class.

"Hey, Win. What do you plan on doing for the project?" Abbie looks up from a piece of paper she is using to jot down ideas and faces Winston.

He stares blankly for a second, as if to think, and then he says, "I'm going to do a video of my life. I'm just going to carry it around every once and a while with me and record. I plan on editing on the computers in the library. Ms. Meade says that I can go during this class to work on it for as long as I need to." That's a unique and awesome idea. I am so jealous of how creative they are.

I think about his idea then pause to ask, "Are we aloud to do a video?"

"Yes, if it is involved on the topic, of our life." Abbie states then continues on her drawing.

I gaze at the solid black table and space off in thought. What is there that I could do? There is painting, drawings, pictures, and videos. I also bet there can be more things that people could come up with. It's not like my life is that interesting anyway.

"Wait!" Abbie flings her head up and catches my attention. "You like music right?"

"Yeah..." I say unsure of where this is going. My puzzled expression is faced in her direction.

She smiles like a mad women and says, "Then why not do something that involves music." I flashed a toothy grin. "Why don't you try to make a song, or a music video, or a medley of some sort?"

I pull her into an immediate hug and squeeze the life out of her. She pushes me off and I speak, "You are my hero!"

"I know I am amazing." She bows down then holds her head up high.

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