*Juliet POV*

The Drama Club was making their way onto the stage with props in hand.  The velvet curtains were drawn and the audience was quickly filing in.  You can hear the soft chatter among them as they took their seats.  At the moment I was standing to the right of the stage along with a few other performers.  We all watched as the scene in before us came to life. 

It didn’t take me long to recognize that the play that Rachel and the rest of the Drama club were going to preform was the Wizard of Oz.  With large colorful tissue paper flowers, a wooden panel that is painted to look like an aged house, a few buildings painted in the back with stairs leading up to them, and of course the famous yellow brick road cuts a path through it all.

Ms. Meade hollered at everyone who wasn’t in the Drama Club to get off the stage.  I took a few steps backwards like the people around me did so I could still have a view of what was going on.  The curtains were still closed and the narrator to the play was voicing what has happened before the scene laid out on the stage.  He described the part where Dorothy was caught in a storm on her family’s farm.  Dorothy couldn’t make it into the storm cellar with the rest of her family in time so she, and her pup named Toto, took shelter in her bedroom.  A twister came through and Dorothy was carried up into it.  When she came crashing back down she landed in Oz at Munchkin Land, where the play begins.

Rachel came out from behind the old house dressed as Dorothy.  With her dark brown wig, blue and white checkered dress, her two pigtails, and the little basket with a stuffed terrier in it, she looked the part.  She took a few steps forward and said “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”  The Good Witch of the North, a tall blonde that I didn’t recognize, appeared from the other side of the stage dressed in a sparkly pink gown.  She introduced herself to Dorothy and asked her if she was a good or a bad witch.  Dorothy replied that she was neither.  Shortly after the Good Witch called out her Munchkins, little kids from the nearby school appeared in brightly colored clothes.  They all sang a variety of songs and danced around the stage.

The other performances passed by as I remained behind stage helping Ms. Meade direct everyone where to go.  Before I knew it Abbie was up next to go on stage.  I saw her standing near the left entrance to the stage, her hands clenching and unclenching at her side.  I came up behind her and spun her around, pulling her into a hug.  I whispered into her ear, “Go out them and show them your masterpiece.”

She gave me a quick squeeze and with a smile on her face she walked onto the stage.  I didn’t move from my spot so I was able to see her on stage with her artwork beside her.  A bright spotlight shined on the painting, allowing bits and pieces to shine with its reflection.  The canvas looked more amazing on the stage then it did in the dim closet. 

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