Re-write of the last Chapter 31. Don't get confussed because it is a whole new story line.


*Jason POV*

I follow behind my cousin, Logan, as we take long strides down an empty hallway. His back is to me so he can't see the confusion and concentration that has now been plastered upon my face. I stare blankly as I think but am crashing into Logan's back as he comes to a halt. I wonder why we have stopped in the middle of an abandoned hallway.

"Come on." Logan's voice says in monotone as he turns to the direction of the door at his left. I look up above to see humongous double doors with the words 'Conference Room 1' written in italics across the top. The feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me that I should just turn around and run. Sadly, Logan grabs my hand and drags me into the dreadful room before I got the chance to make a mad dash for it.

My eyes search around Conference Room 1 and see the most dreadful thing of all. My father sitting at the top of the over-sized oak table with his head held high as he looks up at me. Around him are three other men dressed in custom tailored suits and many extra seats that aren't filled in. Along the wall, parallel to where my father is sitting, stands a large projector screen.

"Take a seat, son." My father demands in a bored tone as he gestures over to the seat on his right. The empty seat that laid beside him only held mysteries. I have been in very few conference rooms with my dad. Each one I did go to gave me bad news on the companies behalf, but I now believe this will be bad news on my behalf.

I hesitantly take my seat in the leather chair. Right when I am planted in the seat, and Logan is next to me, my father takes control of the situation.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice." He smiles a forced smile to all 5 of us in the room. "We are here to discussion the future of the company. I have recently inquired my son's nonsense life choices, and that will now change." My father faces my shocked and raging face before he continues. "No more partying, no more friends, no more public appearances, no more dating, no more school, and no more rubbish unless I say otherwise. And defiantly no music whatsoever." With that said my jaw drops to the floor. "I have heard that you are going around the school and playing at the local restaurant. One of my secretaries has heard that you have been going to a recording studio to record your music. There is no reason for you to try to pursue a career with music if there is no possible way you will get anywhere in life with that as your goal. It is a waste of time and useless in the business word. I have never-"

"Enough!" I shout, shooting up from my chair and slamming my hands against the hard wood. My blood was boiling inside me and there wasn't much more I could take.

Music is my life, my everything. Its an escape from the world and the people within. It is the voice that speaks for the speechless, the mute and the ones who are to shy to stand up for what they believe in. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that's just out of reach. It is the sun shinning after days of darkness. It is a helping hand when you can't stand on your own. It is a loving heart for all those who feel unloved.

And, without music I would have never met Juliet. The girl I met because of a stolen guitar. The girl with the unknown pass that brings misery to her heart. The girl who isn't afraid to stand out in a crowd. The girl who doesn't know her true beauty. The girl with the reflective blue eyes that captivate me. The girl with a hidden secret. And, the girl I want to learn more about.

"You can't tell me how to run my life." I say through clenched teeth as my father reaches up for my hand with anger filling his eyes.

"I can, and I will. You will be working for me as an intern until the day you turn 18. You will also be leaving London to come live with me and Alice. No exceptions." My father pressures while I pull my hand free from his.

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