*Juliet POV*

I walk into science class to see Mrs. Six. She turns to look at me with her aging face and hair. We both exchange smiles as I got into my regular seat near the front window. I take out my pencil and notebook and face the board. My exception was that we were going to take notes like we have in every other class, due to it being Wednesday. Though, in this class was different. The board indicated that we were going to do a simple mixture experiment with partners.

Glancing around the room, I was searching for someone who I would like to have as a partner. This is one class that had people I didn't hang out with. There were a few people I knew by name and reputation, but I don't really know them.

Someone cleared their throat in front of me. I looked up to see Mrs. Six with a small cardboard box. "Pick a name please. The name you pick will be your partner." She said looking at the white crumbled papers inside the box.

"Okay." I reached my hand deep in to the box and grabbed a tiny folded piece of paper. Once my hand was out of the container, I unfolded the paper and read off the name. "Malcolm."

Of course it would be one of the two people I knew by name in the classroom. He and Aaron were the only ones I have been in the presence off with a semi-conversation.

Within seconds of thought, Malcolm's figure was pushing a desk up against mine. He sat down as a smile tugged on his lips. "Hello there partner."

I grinned back being friendly. "Hey." I looked down at a paper some kid with a strong British accent just passed out. The paper had an assignment on it with instructions and questions to go along.

We both skimmed through the works supplies before Malcolm got up to get three beakers filled with 10 milliliters of all different substances. I ripped out two pieces of notebook paper and grabbed another pencil since he didn't own any. I wrote down the questions on both of them because it was required as well as the answers.

Malcolm came back to the table barely managing to handle all three beakers in his arms. "Need some help?" I asked but he rushed to sit down as a beaker was slipping. The one beaker slipping fell slowly to the floor right side up with vinegar placed inside. I stretched out my hand in his direction and grabbed the object before it shattered helplessly on the ground.

"And, I thought I was clumsy." I rolled my eyes and laughed as I sat it on the desks.

"Hey good looks, money, athletics, and skill all come with a little clumsiness." He replied cockily.

I shook my head, "Right, skill." I said with a ton of sarcasm as I continued, "And good looks?"

He sighed, "Whatever."

We finished our work surprisingly fast. I was shocked on how focused he really was, when I was expecting him to make me do all the work. He answered at least two of the five questions all by himself. I was so proud that he could at least answer, 'What happened to the substance as you combined the acids?' and 'What state of matter would this be concentered?'

We were finished cleaning out all of the supplies we used and packing up our stuff, just in time for the bell to ring for lunch. He went his separate ways, laughing with the rich snobs, as I met up with Abbie in the hallway.

She greeted me and I returned the greeting as we walked to lunch.

"So any new juicy things I should know about?" Abbie asked while shrugging my shoulder as we entered the cafeteria.

We both walked up to the line and I shot her a puzzled look. "What do you mean by 'juicy'?"

"Well, first off you are in the guys' dorm. And you are also hanging out with Jason, the richest and hottest guy at this freaking school. Plus, he never acknowledged any scholar since he has been here." She put emphases on 'never' and 'any'.

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