*Juliet POV*

I'm sitting in my spare room on the cold wooden floor with my laptop laid open in front of me waiting for Sammy to accept my video chat request. She has been dying to see me, and this was the easiest way to do it. Plus, I really needed a close friend to talk too that doesn't know about all the drama this school has to offer.

When the computer made a loud ding, I looked at it to see Sammy's smiling face looking at me on the screen. I returned the smile shyly as I lay barefooted with grey sweats and a pink tank top on the empty floor.

"What's wrong Jules?" Sammy notices my quietness and probably sadness in my eyes.

I let out a long and dramatic sigh, "Let's just say Mr. Parker got himself in a sticky situation today." I let out a weak laugh at my comment. Though, Sammy didn't find it funny.

"What the hell happened Juliet? And don't you dare try to get out of this one. Whatever it was I could tell it was bad." She said in a demanding tone that left me no choice. But, to tell her everything that happened today.

"You got to be kidding me! I honestly thought he liked you. I'm a fan on his official website and the other day he said, and I quote," she paused as she was searching for it on her computer. "'the new girl at the school sure leaves me speechless.' Now who else could he be talking about?" She just stared at me expecting me to tell her that she was right. Thought I was left completely speechless.

"Um..." was all that I managed to get out of my mouth.

Sammy clapped her hands together. "Oh my gosh, you like him! He writes about you on his website, and some other girl who apparently has an amazing voice. Anyway, isn't it the cutest thing?"

My voice came back to me, "No, he is a complete jerk! What he said and did today just ruined any chance of us being friends." I plopped my head down on the floor, now lying completely flat.

"Hey," Sammy called to me causing me to sit up. "Why don't you play something for me? I miss not hearing you singing and playing the guitar." I looked behind me to see that my guitar case was lying on the floor. "Please!" Her begging along with her puppy dog eyes forced me to get my guitar out of the case.

I came back over to the computer and sate cross legged in front of it. Sammy sat up as well, with her hands folded in her lap like a little kid waiting to get a cookie. I laughed slightly, "What do you want me to play for you Sammy?"

"Hm." She placed her finger on her chin as she thought. "Play 'The Other Side of the Door' by Taylor Swift. I like that one." Sammy propped her head on her elbows and waited for me to start.

"In the heat of the fire,

I walked away.

Ignoring words that you were saying,

Trying to make me stay." I sing along as I played my guitar so easily, as if I was breathing.

Once I finished the song I looked over to see a sleeping Sammy. Her hair covered her face as she softly snored. I don't know what it was about her. I wouldn't be able to fall asleep to the sound of music. In fact I would become distracted by the sound. Though, she sleeps better with music playing. I remember she use to call me when she had problems sleeping. They were normally from boys breaking her heart, but I gladly would play over the phone until she fell asleep.

I said a silent goodbye and turned off the computer. Then, I went to take a nice long bubbly bath to relax myself. When I see a message on my phone that read:

'It's Abbie. Come to the girls' dorm when you get this. We wanted your help with something. Please


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