*Juliet POV*

Here I am, walking with Logan at my side while sipping on my Grande Carmel Frappe that I got from a Starbucks that is located on the school property. What does this school not have? I mean seriously! A freaking Starbucks. Now this is heaven... yum.

While I was off dreaming about my precious coffee, I didn't realize that Logan wasn't at my side anymore. Luckily I spotted him right away with a group of guys just chilling on a picnic table. Okay, so they weren't just "guys" but "hot guys". That seems to be the only type of boys around here. The rich, model material type. I just thought to leave Logan. I mean, they seemed to be having a serious conversation and I didn't want to interrupt. Logan has been at my side since I got on the plane and I don't want to interfere with his life. Well not completely interfere.

So here I was standing in the middle if the enormous courtyard. It really shouldn't be called a courtyard but rather a park. There were scattered trees, plants and flowers. Along with a few wooden benches and picnic tables. Most of the benches and tables where full of a distance away, so I decided to pick a tree in a patch of grass.

I walk over to the tree and sit against it. I have my feet straight in front of me with my back lent on its trunk. My iPod was in my back pocket and was about to fall out when I sat down. I decided to pull it out and listen to it until Logan was done talking with his buddies.


Ain't got no money,

Don't know where to go.

Just sittin' staring at the stereo.

I think we better turn it UP, turn it UP, turn it UP


Cause lately I've been feeling kind of low.

Let's blow the speakers on the radio;

Cause tonight we're gonna'

Break it DOWN, break it DOWN break it DOWN.

We gotta' get up off of the ground!

We're gonna give it a JUMPSTART

4,3,2,1 GO! "

Jumpstart by These Kids Where Crowns was blaring into the headphones. By now I noticed I was getting into the music with my foot taping along to the beat. Once the song is finished I take a look around my surroundings.

The courtyard was fairly packed. Some people were carrying luggage as they were arriving back at school. Different sports were being played across the wide open spaces. I also had a feeling I was being watched. And of course I was right.

I took a look at all the people around me. I noticed that many of them were looking in my direction. Was there something behind me? I stretched my head to peer over the tree and see what was behind it. All I saw was the Cafeteria building with a lunch lady walking in with a handful of water bottles. So that's not what they are all looking at.

I thought I might have something on my face. My iPod was lifted to my face so I can look through the glare. And of course there was nothing on my face worth staring at. I felt a little self conscious, but I shrugged it off. I turned to my right so I wasn't facing the majority of the people and this one person caught my eye.

A thin girl with shoulder length wavy hair and blue eyes. She was looking down at what appeared to be a sketch pad. I guess she is an artist. Then her eyes shifted my way. Her pale, yet pretty, face was full of concentration. And within seconds she looked back down with her left hand scribbling away like crazy. What's her deal?

I thought about going over to talk to her, I was curious on what she was drawing. Then I saw a figure stand in front of me with a hand stretched out for me to grab. I placed my hand in his and the person pulled me off the ground. Looks like Logan is done talking with his friends, or whatever they were.

"I was wondering where you went. I thought you fled back to America." He joked as we walked to the Auditorium.

"There is no way I would leave without my guitar. Plus I don't know if I have enough money for a plane ticket at such short notice." I gave a dramatic sigh before Logan playfully shoved me.

"Come on. Let's go find Mr. Parker." He put enfaces on Mr. Parker. What's his deal? He's the one with mood swing problems.


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