*Jason POV*

A familiar buzzing from my alarm clock that sat upon my bedside table woke me up from a peaceful sleep. My hand made contact with the top button that turned off the annoying sound that was filling my weak and tired ears.

I opened my eyes and got ready for my plane ride that was in my future. My mind was focused on last night. That had to be one of the best days of my life, even though it ended short.

As I was singing along to a song and strumming away on the guitar, I was captured by Juliet's eyes. She made me feel like I was lost at sea and nothing else seemed to matter. We just sat their and stared into one another's eyes as she held on to every word that came out of my mouth. I couldn't quite read the expression on her face but I know she was in deep thought.

Right after the song finished, though, Juliet had to leave. Her friend, Abbie, came up with a drunken Rebecca in had telling her it was time to go. I played another song as Juliet walked away. She mouthed to me a goodbye before she was out of my sight.

I left not long after Juliet and her friends did. The party was fun, but not with her there with me.


I walked out of the New York Airport with my suitcase in tow. The world around me came to life as I opened the airport's doors that held the hectic New York City behind them. People all around me were slowing their busy paces to take the time to recognize my familiar face. A few of them took out their phones and snapped a shot of me. Within a few hours, my face was going to be all over the Internet.

A tall man, who was dressed in a classic work suit, was holding the door of my father's limo. He took my bags from my hands, greeted me, and closed the door behind me. The man stayed silent the whole ride there. I could tell he was new, since I don't remember seeing him before. The last driver I remember, Francis, was always starting a conversation with me. He was a sweet old man who will never be forgotten.

We arrived in front of the Plaza Hotel during there check in times so it was quite busy. I hesitated to get out of the car to face all of the people and probably paparazzi but I decided to just go for it. You would think I am use to them following me around, which I am, but I never enjoy it. They just don't ever want to leave me along.

I walk in with my head held high as I place a pair of sunglasses over my eyes. Might as well not get blinded by the flashing lights that come my way.

My ears are filled with various of questions and more blinking lights from cameras than I had ever witnessed. There were interviewers and paparazzi surrounding me with ever step I attempted to take. Shock and wonder overwhelmed me. What was all of this about?

Suddenly three large body guards torn through the crowd. As they reached me they stood protecting me from the hectic situation. The three men pushed passed all the people who were after me, as I stood in the middle of them.

Before I knew it, I was already in the elevator with my three savors leaving some space for me to breathe. As my breath catches up to its normal place I demand answers as the confusion rises within me.

"What the hell is going on here?" I try my best to keep my tone down, but it wasn't working.

One of the men clears his voice, "Your father has told us not to mention anything to you. He wants to explain every thing for himself."

The dinging of the elevator was my cue to exit. I walked out of the mirror filled space, leaving the tree body guards to their business.

There is only a few doors that are leading to this floor's hallway. I walk to the very last one that has two large double doors that I have seen so many times.

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