*Juliet POV*

"Attention passengers we are about to take off. We will land again, once we are in London. Please enjoy your ride on Delta Airlines." That's what I hear from the Cheshire cat grinning flight attendant who announces right when I finish packing my bags into the storage department above my seat. I decided to pick a pair of empty seats in the back, and claim the window seat as mine. I hope no one will sit next to me, since I am planning on lounging in both seats to take a nap during as much of the boring flight as I can.

After I am finally snuggled and comfortable in my little seat, someone is standing next to me. I saw a dark haired guy, about my age, looking at me blankly with green eyes that remind me of the trees from the forest near my hometown in Georgia. The next thing I know he plops down in the seat next to me as he stretches his welcoming hand in my direction.

"Hi, I'm Logan. Is it alright if I sit here? I don't see any more open seats..." he trailed off with a voice that seemed friendly and kind.

"No problem," I reach for his hand and shake it for a second then continue, "I'm Juliet and it's nice to meet you."

"So where is Juliet off to? Going to see her Romeo?" We both give a quick laugh at his lame joke. "I bet you haven't heard that one before." I roll my eyes and give an agreeing nod.

"No Romeo for this girl. I'm actually heading off to a new school. I believe it's called Snotty-Rich Kid School. Or maybe it's Rowling Academy. I am not quite sure."

"Snotty-Rich Kid School, huh?"

I look into his fooling face and pray that he does not go there. Otherwise I just called him a snotty rich kid. Nice job Julie's way to judge.

"I happen to go to that high school by the way." Of course. "And we aren't all snotty, well most of people there are. Except for me, of course. And most people are rich or well off in some sort of way. Unless you are one of the very few that get a scholarship. But, you pretty much summarized the whole school without even stepping foot there. Congratulations! So which one are you?"

"I'm sorry about the name calling. Plus I already knew you didn't fit in that category, you seem way too nice." We both end up laughing about the whole thing. It was just a quick reassuring laugh. "And to answer your question about which one I am, the answer is I don't know."

"Huh?" he asks dumbly with confusion all over his face.

"Honestly, I'm neither. I mean they just welcomed me into the school because my four or three time great grandpa founded this school. I guess it has been in the family for a while with relatives as the principals. But, my dad was an only child and he moved to America with his mother after his parents divorced. Which left my grandpa to be the principal? Which I believe he passed away a like 10 years ago, a few years after my dad passed..." I trail off into an awkward silence which lasted a good 30 seconds. When Logan finally opened his mouth with a forced smile.

"Oh, so you're the long lost decedent of Arnold Rowling the founder of the pleasant Academy. It is a pleasure to accompany you on this fine airplane ride." His attempt of a British accent was a total fail on his behalf. With a serious face, he takes my hand from my lap and kisses it on top. That is when we break out into fits of laughter. This got me to think I really like this guy.

"The pleasure is all mines, sir. Oh, and by the way you completely suck at the whole English gentleman attempt."

"A man can only try," he says while shrugging his shoulders.


I wrote a short little chappy since I haven't updated in a while. I would write more but it is really late. I might write another tomorrow so does that sound good? I want some people to read my work and tell me what you think. I love to hear your thoughts...good or bad?! Tata for now my darlings!!!!! :) <3

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