*Juliet POV*

Jason speaks before I even get the chance to say a single word.

"I'm sorry." He sighs deeply, "I never expected someone to be there, at that moment, with a camera in hands. This has just become a huge mess that I have gotten you into. But, I will try my best to keep your identity a secret, that is my main mindset. Though I just hope this will blow over soon and everyone will mind their own business."

I remain silent as his words seemed to reassure me even if he spoke very little. Jason noticed the silence from my side of the phone. "Juliet? Are you still there?"

A small chuckle escapes my lips, though it is weak. "We just keep getting caught up in messes." A sad snort is sounded from Jason. "What are we going to do?"

"I have no idea, but I am thinking. My plan is to leave here in a day or two to head back to London. Maybe we can just stay there until the news dies down."

"Yeah." My mind comes up with a plan. "I think it may be best if we keep our distance, at least for a little while. We don't want people to get any ideas."

Jason replies in a saddened tone, "That sounds reasonable." I hear a constant beeping sound from the other end. He groans loudly, "My dad is calling and we are having this... argument. I'll have to call you back."


"Bye and sorry." Jason says quickly before he hangs up and I am left alone outside a clothing store as Abbie waits in line to by a furry bear hat.

I lean up against store window and rest my head against the crystal clear glass. My eyes scan the street in front of me as many different variety of people walk by me without even knowing the truth about me. I bet most of them have even seen me in the picture but none of them know the truth. Will they ever know the truth?

Abbie comes out seconds latter with the fuzzy bear hat already plastered on her head. She has a smile planted on her face and I try my best to mimic it.

*Jason POV*

I hang up the phone with Juliet as new found worry fills me. Before I could ponder on the thought, I see three missed text from my dad.

'We need to discuss this.'

'Call me as soon as possible.'

'Jason, call me.'

I delete each message my dad sent and stuff my phone into my pocket. The low limb that is swaying beside me moves slightly. I stretch my head closer to the shuffling branch to see a tiny green caterpillar, like the one I came across in London. The creature looked to be creating a cocoon withing the tree. It fascinates me that within a few weeks that little green bug will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

A ball comes in contact with my foot and catches my attention. Next to my right lays a basic soccer ball that seemed to have fading colors from years of use. My eyes dart to the 10 year old in front of me with a studying expression on his face. After a few seconds, a little girl, about a few years older than the boy before me, stares at me with big eyes. She whispers into the boys ear and he nods. Then, the worse occurs.

"Mommy and Daddy, come take a picture of me and Jason Parker." The flowered shirt girl yells to her parents on the other side of the park. My eyes grow as wide as hers when she realized who I was. Many people throughout the park turned to look in our direction. Once some of them realized my secret, they ran in my direction with cameras and phones in hand.

It didn't take me long to figure out that I needed to do only one thing in a situation like this. Run!

With people yelling after me, cameras flashing, and the pounding of footsteps behind me made my adrenaline rush to the extreme. My legs ran like my life depended on it, and it kind of did. The heart within my chest was pounding in my ears as I darted down an alley. I hid behind a dumpster as the stampede ran pass.

My breathing regained its normal pace shortly after they were out of view. Though, I stayed in the same spot for a few seconds longer just to make sure I was alone. As I got up and started heading up towards the street I felt my phone vibrate.

'We need to talk about this.'

My dad sent, once again, another message. What made me curious was the fact that he isn't calling. I bet he just doesn't want to sound to desperate. To me he just didn't really care to talk this out. It always has to be his way and I'm sick of it. I am not just some robot that is programed to be the perfect son. With my own wants and needs he just has to except me.

I place my phone into my pocket and step foot onto the street. Everyone around is just going on with their day and not even taking a second glance in my direction. I guess the disguise fools people pretty well, just not for a 12 year old girl.

I see an elder man tugging a suitcase behind him as he weaves in and out of the crowds. The thought of a suitcase gave me an idea that I just couldn't resist. I reached into my pocket once again and tore my phone out of it. After searching through my contacts for the right number I call it.

The phone is answered on the first ring. "Hello, young Mr. Parker. What may I do for you today?" One of my dad's personal assistants asks me out of politeness.

"May you send the jet back to New York? I am going back to London."

The pride in my voice felt strong as I spoke. I didn't feel like having someone boss me around, family or not, he can't keep me down.


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