*Juliet POV*

His words were running through my head. His attitude was running through my head. He was running through my head.

I was completely shocked, pained, humiliated, and so many other feels were just bombarding me. All I wanted to do was erase all that just happened from my mind. It just didn't seem real. I could only hope it was a dream. To find out the truth, I pinched the inside of my wrist. When I felt pain, I felt the reality of it all.

My back was pressed up against the leather seat located at the Dreamsicle, the local creamery. I decided to head down here because it just felt right. It reminded me of going with my mom to Sweetie Pie, an old family owned ice cream store in my hometown. We always went down there when something tragic or upsetting occurred. It was like her remedies to make things better, and it always seemed to work for me.

With a cookie dough waffle cone in hand, I licked the cold creamy dessert while lost in thought. I had a flash back of my mom's smiling face, the way her words were always soothing, and the way she made me forget about the pain that I had. How we would talk nonstop of the crushes we had, the gossip of town, and any other girly clichés you can think of. Thinking back on this, I felt a single tear fall down my face. It wasn't caused by complete sadness, but also of happiness from my memories of her.

I snapped out of my thought as I bit down on an empty finger. A frown slowly formed on my face as I realized I finished off all of my delicious ice cream. I grabbed my back pack that was sitting in the chair on my left and flung it over my shoulder as I walked over to the front door.

The door opened with force as a younger girl pushed it open from the outside while running in at full speed. Luckily, she just collided with my legs and not the door. I looked down to see a little brown pigtailed girl who flashed me a goofy crooked grin.

"I'm sorry, Miss." She spoke in a polite manner. I was shocked that a girl this young had manners. I guess her parents taught her well.

"No need to apologize, I should have watched where I was going." I started to walk out of the door for a second attempt when a middle aged woman walked in with two shopping bags in hand.

She was a bit out of breath as she spoke, "Don't let your daddy find out that you ran all through town to get here. You know we have to fly back in a few hours anyway." She shook her head slightly at the little girl.

"I know Mrs. Woodwind. That's the reason for me rushing here. I'm wanted to get some ice cream before we head back to New York." She was handed a large ice cream cone from the lady behind the counter. "And, I don't worry about daddy, he doesn't care anyway." Her face was wiped with sadness as she took a lick of her ice cream. "He's always too busy to care anyway."

With that said I left. My heart went out to the little girl and her father who didn't care. I know I'm not in the same position, or ever was, but I know what it feels like not to be cared for. With no family, no true home, and leaving the only things I really knew, I feel lost, alone and not cared for. For the exception of the few friends I have met here.

*Jason POV*

My head was spinning with thoughts that all had the same subject of the event in the Cafeteria. I can't believe what I have just done. All I want to do is take it back. No doubt in my mind that I wanted to erase that occurrence from everyone's mind.

I kept thinking of Juliet's reaction and how she must be feeling right now. The pain and humiliation that I caused her ripped at my heart like it was made of fragile paper. For some reason, I cared for that girl. The innocent girl, who is lost in this school and in this world, just keeps running through my head like a movie. The way she laughs with her friends at lunch, the slight skip in her step when she is in a great mood, her love for music and her friends, how she isn't afraid of what others think, and every little detail about her. I ran a hand through my shaggy brown hair in frustration. What is wrong with me? I sound like a lovesick puppy. Though, I am dating Rachel.

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