*Juliet POV*

I stood in the mirror of Abbie's bathroom. The blinding lights on that sat along the top of the reflective surface made me strain my eyes in order to see my reflection. As the adjusted to the brightness, I was presented the finishing work.

After an hour of standing on the cold bathroom tile in Abbie's dorm, I created a miracle. My long brown mane was free of its usual frizz and was as perfect as a brand new Barbie doll's. Lightly placed eyeliner, a natural colored eyeshadow, and to top it off with voluming mascara was all I needed to really make my clear sky blue eyes pop. I was wearing a strapless navy blue dress that was just above my knees and a pair of worn out cowboy boots. All of which were a courtesy of Abbie's closet.

I exited the room and looked at the retro wall clock that was hanging above the bed. As I calculated the time in my head I came to the conclusion that I had about two hours until I had to report to Ms. Meade. The school's morning news gave out the announcement about the mandatory meeting that my art teacher was holding in the Cafeteria.

Abbie walked into her room with a bag of potato chips in hand. When she arrived at the foot of her bed she flopped down on her back and began munching loudly on her chips.

"I eat when I'm nervous." She managed to admit that statement to me through the mouthful of the crunchy snack. In response of watching her eat my stomach growled nosily. I realized then that I haven't eaten anything except for the granola bar I had for breakfast.

Abbie threw the bag of chips in my direction. As a reflex I hugged the bag close to my chest once it was in reach. The result of that was a bag of crumbled up potato chips but I didn't care. I stuck my hand inside, pulled out a salty mess and shoved it into my mouth. The greasy, salt coated potato chips tastes like heaven when you are as hungry as I was then.

After a few minutes of Abbie and I passing the bag back and forth with the radio playing in the background, we managed to devour the whole bag.

"So," Abbie broke our silence before she licked the salt off the tips of her fingers.

I just sat there with the bag in my hands. I was staring at it but I was thinking of something else.

"Can I see your collage?"

Abbie shot up from her spot and looked at me blankly. She stayed that way for a while before he composed her thoughts and managed to nod.

We both got up from the bed and she led me out of her dorm. I wasn't quite sure where she kept her project but I was at least expecting it to be in her dorm room. I didn't want to speak up and ask her where we were heading, that would have risked a chance for her to change her mind about showing me. Instead I chose to be dead quiet and just followed closely behind her.

We wandered through the courtyard after we exited the girls' dorm room. Then we entered a class hall on the bottom floor and walked to the end of the empty hallway. Abbie stopped at a solid wood door that is unlike the classroom doors that have a tiny glass window that looks into the inside of them. To the right of the door was a little black sign with white words that read: 'Janitor's Closet'. I looked at Abbie with a raised eyebrow that showed her my confusion.

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