*Juliet POV*

I walk over to my new locker with a backpack full of paper work and class syllabuses that I have to fill out. I was determined to empty out all the work into my locker, until a figure slid in between me and the locker. A tall, attractive guy was staring down at me with a blown out smirk. I smiled back shyly.

His shaggy blonde hair was messing from his effort to get to me. His hazel eyes sparkled as he spoke. "Hey, babe. I haven't seen your pretty face around here before." He put his fingers through my hair. Instantly I shoved his hand away and stepped back.

"Do not touch me, or call me babe." My smile dropped and I got serious.

"Aw. Come on. I know you like me." He did and a little pout but with mischief in his eyes.

"Just back off." Logan was beside me now and he grabbed me by the arm. It all happened so fast and we were already half way down the hallway.

"Thanks." I say when he releases my hand from his firm grip.

"No problem. You needed saved from a jerk like him. Aaron is always after the pretty girls." I blushed a little as Logan ruffled my hair.

"So how was your day so far," he asked and wasn't prepared for my full out stories. I tell really long stories, which my friends know very well. Even though the day hasn't been long, I have plenty to talk about.


We entered the packed cafeteria with the aroma of food and sounds of many jumbled conversations. It didn't occur to me that most of the kids were probably whispering about me. But I honestly didn't care.

At least I know that I can't worry about becoming unnoticed.

Logan and I decided to get in line for our lunch. The line was surprisingly short. I think we must have been a little late to lunch.

Logan got a chicken sandwich, baked barbeque chips and a coke. I ended up with a salad, a cookie and a sweet tea. I'm not a picky eater, but I do have a crazy sweet tooth that makes me crave anything relevantly sweet pretty much every day. Plus I can eat forever. I can't help it, that's just how I am.

We got our lunch and headed toward Logan's regular lunch table. I wasn't sure what to expect. What if they don't like me? Where would I end up sitting if they don't? All well, here I go.

They all stop talking once we reach the table. Everyone's eyes are set on me with curiosity. I see Kyle smile and speak up at his friends' confused faces. At least he is someone I know besides Logan who already accepted me at their table.

"Hey Julie. Meet the crew." Everyone smiles back once they hear her name. They must have realized that she is the new girl. Kyle starts his rounds at pointing at everyone and introducing them.

"This is Eric the baseball player and Winston the book worm of course," I didn't even see Winston with his face planted in a book. "Abbie the artist," That's the girl I saw from the courtyard who was drawing away on a sketchpad. Her blue eyes shined and she smiled at me. "Rebecca the gossip queen, and Bailey the brains." I look at them all as they greeted me.

"I've seen Abbie the other day." I face Abbie and continue. "You were sitting in the court yard drawing something. You were really focused that's for sure." I smile and let off a little chuckle.

"Yeppers, that was me. I was actually... drawing... you." She looks down and gives a little grin. "I'm sorry."

"Why apologize that's awesome!?" She gives a cheeky smile in my direction.

"Really?!" I nod. "I'll show it to you one day, if you'd like."

"Of course I would!" We both exchange smiles.

I took another bite of my cookie while everyone was talking away. They involved me in the conversations every now and then. It seemed like I will easily fit in with them. I had a bit in common with everyone, so it seems.

"Um, are you going to finish that?" Eric looks down at the half eaten cookie on my plate. And I notice his mouth is starting to drool.

"No you can have it." I laugh at his pathetic face and he snatches it off my plate within a second. The next thing I know, the cookie has disappeared. Just like magic.

Eric grinned a chocolate filled grin and spoke up. "Hey Becky. Want to inform Juliet here about the school gossip?"

Becky's eyes lit up with happiness. She was egger to explain everything about the school to me. "OH, where to start? Well you are the new thing everyone is talking about, being new and all. There is also Tommy becoming the editor of the school paper. Then you have Scarlet's break up with George over his confessed cheating with his step sister. Gross right. Hanna just got a new Ferrari for her birthday. And Mechie is dating Deja. Don't forget the bonfire this weekend at the beach. Man, it's going to be a blast."

"Wow, I forgot all about the bonfire Saturday." Abbie speaks up from drinking a glass of lemonade. "We all should go, even Juliet should come. I remember last year's. Now that was a party!"

Bailey adds on to the conversation. "Heck yeah, it was. Who could forget that night, with endless fun?"

Eric's turn to talk about the party. "I know right? It was funny when Winston got a little tipsy!"

"No way!" I look at Winston as I said that.

"He sure did." Kyle concluded. "I never knew that boy could party until he had a few drinks in him."

We all laugh, even Winston, at the thought. I can't wait to go to this party. My first real Europe party sounds like it will be a blast! Or at least last year's seems like it was.

Someone cleared their throat from behind me. I turn around to face a long blonde haired girl. She was wearing designer clothes, no doubt about that. She stared at me and looked back at Kyle.

"So, you poor nerds thing you can hang come to the bonfire. Isn't that right?" She said with a snotty voice that would annoy you within seconds of listening to it. Who does she think she is though?

Talking to my new friends like this. She must be the head bitch I guess.

"Well, yeah we do." Logan stood up for us all. He emphasized the word "we". "And since everyone is allowed I think we will go."

"Everyone is allowed but you're so called friends." The blonde bitch said. Ugh. She's bothering me and I barley know her.

She pointed at all of us. "Why should these useless, unpopular, ugly, nerdy, poor, tr-"

That's it!

I stand up from my chair and get in this girls face. Okay, I don't know what got over me but she is giving me a bad vibe. But since she has talked bad about my new friends, I guess you can call them friends, she pushed me to the edge.

"Look here, blondie. You don't have the right to talk to my new friends like that. So take your plastic ass back to your table and leave us alone." I got all up in her face.

She was taken aback by my sudden outburst. With a little gasp she spoke up. "Do you know who I am?"

"I could honestly care less about who you are. And it wouldn't matter. I do care about how you treat my friends so back OFF!" We were now inches away from each other.

"Ugh!" She turned around and stomped away.

I turned around to see my friends' mouths hanging on the table. Then I looked around the cafeteria to see everybody looking at me and doing the same. Oh crap. I guess that might not have been a good idea to stand up to her.

Man what have I done?

Suddenly, the bell rung to dismiss us to our next class. That bell totally saved my life. I grabbed my bag and rushed to my next class. There was no way I was going stick around to hear everyone's reaction.


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