*Juliet POV*

I sigh deeply right before I flop down on my bed. I am so tired from the search. All day we were looking for Mr. Parker. Okay, so it might not have been all day, but it was a long time.

We went all around the school. Of course Logan gave me a tour while we were there and I was surprised at what they have here. They have a basement that includes a bar, dance floor and stage that is open until really late. It also holds some of the best parties, according Logan. The reason we went there was because Mr. Parker hangs out with his friends there a lot but Logan didn't tell me why.

After searching the campus, we took a quick ten ride to the beach. We took a ton of back roads and I told Logan he has no idea where he is going. Though, he argued and said we were almost there. Twenty five minutes in the car and we finally made it. The beach was so nice. With white, soft sand and clear blue water. Sadly, we were there for only a few minutes, enough to realize Mr. Parker wasn't there. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was starting to get late. I need to remember how to get back here.

After we drove thru Chick Fila and Logan gave me a tour of the main building that had all the classes, he went to the Library to study for some test he has in a week, I am alone once again in my room. With nothing to do, I decided to call Sammy. I feel really bad that I have ignored her calls all day. But knowing Sammy, she would be talking for hours if she could and I was searching with Logan, it would be rude. I just texted her back and told her Ill call later that night.

I held down number 8 on my cell phone. Two rings the devise made before I heard her out of breath voice speak.

"Oh my God, Julies! I miss you so much! Please come home!"

Those few words hit me.

I really missed home. My friends that I have known since I was five years old were always at my side. The longest I have ever been away from them wasn't more than a week. Now that I am thousands of miles away, I feel lost. I don't have them next to me anymore. No more gossip, shopping trips, inside jokes, goofing around, shared secrets, parties, or close bonds. Everything is gone. I don't know if I'll ever see them again.

"Julies?" A worried voice asks.

Suddenly tears form in my eyes. I beg them not to fall but it is too late. Warm liquid out my eyes and down my cheeks. The phone is still clutched in my hand and I hear calming whispers.

"Shh... It's going to be alright. Please don't cry..." Sammy's faint sound cracks on the verge of tears.

I need to be strong for her. She is so hurt. I was always her sister in a way, as she was mine. We did everything together. We even got sick together. In 1st grade, her and I got the chicken pox and stayed at home for three days. Watching all the Barbie movies there was before we would fall asleep. I have a picture of us that my mom took. We were cuddled in her princess bed with our pjs and red speckles that covered our bodies.

One time Whitney, the school drama queen, got mad at me because her boyfriend liked me. I couldn't help who someone likes, no one can. So, she decided to stick a couple of expensive jewelries in my purse at the mall. As I walked out of the store the alarm went off, but the lady who worked there shooed us out saying it was nothing. Then, halfway out the mall, two security guards stole my purse from my hands and placed me in handcuffs. They were going to let Sammy go, but she said she was part of the robbery. Luckily we only spent 2 hours in the jail before they looked at the security cameras and saw what really happened.

As you can tell we did almost everything with each other, so this is really hard on us. Within seconds I stop my sniffling and speak to Sammy once again.

"I am fine. I just missed you, too. Tell me how everything is going. What's up with Anna and Jamison?"

I need to get the separation off her mind. Knowing, Sammy and her crazy talking and gossiping, this would truly work.


We talked for a little over an hour. One thing led to another and our conversations were scattered. We went from Anna and Jamison's relationship to Mr. Harrison, the old perv in the beach shop. I love how we always have something to talk about.

I hear my stomach growling at me to feed it. Knowing that I can't say no to my tummy's hunger, I grab my room key and walk out my dorm room. I need to find somewhere to eat.

After I encounter all the stares and whispers that came from the lobby, I head to the front office. Henry calls me a taxi and tells them to rush. I think he is still upset about the whole missing guitar situation that he doesn't want to disappoint me anymore. I hope he realizes that it takes a lot to get on my bad side.

The taxi arrived in just a few minutes. I get in after banging my knee against the cars door. My whole knee is piercing in pain but I manage to tell the driver to take me somewhere good to eat. I hope he knows what good food is. Thankfully the school gave me a bit of money to get through the first few weeks before I could get a job.

Man I am starving!


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