*Juliet POV*

I slammed the trunk of the taxi with my elbow. Im so skilled that I can carry five full plastic bags and I am still able to close a door. What now?!

The bags seemed like they got heavier once I entered the courtyard. I could see the sky slowling starting to change from its bright blue to a shade of pink. It was a beautiful sight that made me smile at the thought. Now the time was probably six oclock by now and the place was pretty empty. I bet everyone is gone to go eat or hang out somewhere on this Saturday night. I still could see a few people around. A couple holding hands and heading to the parking lot, a girl with her cell phone glued to her ear, 3 people sitting on a bench reading the same book, and a-

"Im so sorry I didn't see you there." A tall guy with tan arms reached down to help me up since he knocked me to the floor.

Once he pulled me to my feet I could see his dirty blonde hair that was shaggy but still straight. And his big hazel eyes staring at me with deep thought. I stared back at him for a second until he cleared his throat.

"Um...Let me grab these for you." He lend down to pick up all my grocery bags. I thought for a second then took two of them from his hand.

"Its okay Ill take them for you." He took one of the bags from my arms but I didnt let go of the other. "Fine you can take that one." He showed me a flashing smirk. I blushed slightly but turned to walk toward my dorm building before he noticed.

"Hey where are you heading? Should your room be that way towa-" He had a hand pointing to the girls dorms but paused to look at me. "Wait are you Juliet?"

When he said my name it took me off guard. I just stopped and stared at him. My eyes were wide in shock. "How do you know my name?"

"No wonder I havent seen you here before. Your the new girl everyone is talking about. So I guess its true that you are staying in the West Wing with us guys." He emphasized on the everyone. I just nodded in agreement. "Sweet." He said under his breath as we continued to walk.


"Here you go." Aaron said placing the plastic bags on the kitchen cabinet. Then he turned to look at me once I did the same. He had a mischievous look in his grin.

"Um, thanks." I opened the door for him to leave. His face made him look like he just lost a bet before he smile once again and headed toward the door.

"Ill see you later babe." He gave me a wink and closed the door behind him. Okay, weird much. But hey he is just a boy and he is sweet. Not to mention hot.

I roll my eyes and start to put all the groceries in their rightful place. I got a ton of snacks and easy to make food since I wont have a ton of time with school work. You never know how much homework this school will give you. It is a privite school with students whose parents paid a boatload of money for their kids to come here. And for some reason it makes me think that they will only do work here. Which includes homework. Though that is just me judging again.

I opened the cabinet in search for a pot of some sort since I didnt think of buying any at the store. And of course this school is totaly prepared. The cabinets full of all types of pots, pans, cups, and plate. Then in the drawers were various utensils from spoons and forks to steak knifes and wisks. Thank goodness.

I reached in to the bottom cabient and pulled out a medium sized pot and walked over to fill it halfway up with water. After I placed it on the burner switched to high I need to put my plan in action.

Yeah I got a plan... for dinner. I was going to make spaghetti and ragu sauce so it will be fast and easy. Though I was planning on making some sort of dessert to waste some time tonight. It took me a long time at the store to think of something. All in all I decided to go with homemade chocolate chip cookies. My moms recipe of course. You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. Plus it will take some time from me tonight. Not to mention dessert and snacks through out the week. I planed on making a few batches.

I grabbed all the ingredients that I needed and started mixing them into a oversized bowl. Cracking eggs, stiring oil, pouring flour, and dumping chocolate chips into the bowl reminded me of when my mom and I would make these ever year to put out for Santa. We still did it up to the year she passed away. I smiled at this thought. I miss her so mu-

The sizzling of the overfowing, boiling water hitting the burner brought me out of my thoughts. I rushed over to turn it down. Once I did I grabbed the box of noodles and poured them into the water. I turned the burner back up and went to finish the cookie dough.

Mixing the cookie dough with my newly washed hands was the highlight of my evening so far. Everything stuck to every inch on my hands. I went to move a peice of hair out of my face and got cookie dough on my fore head. I laughed and took a paper towel to wipe it off.

After placing the cookies on two seperate cookie sheet and setting them in the oven, I went to wash my hands. I also cleaned the left over mess I had made. The bowl was the only thing that was left in the sink. Which I left filled with soapy water to let it soak for a while.

By now my pasta was done cooking. I took the ragu and poured it into the pan. Once i was done stirring the sauce in I found a bowl and poured in some spaghetti. The only thing that was hard to find was a fork. I looked in all the drawers and found none. Then I looked through them another time and found the forks clearly in veiw. Wow sometimes I find myself stuck in a blonde moment.

I sat on the couch and switched on the tv. It was still on the sports channel and it was showing a high school football game. Within seconds I realized whos colors and mascot that was. My old school was wearing there red and black with the Mustang symbol on their helmets. I was thinking of changing the channel but I had to watch it. I reconized almost everyone on the feild. From watching so many games I memorized most of the guys numbers. We were ahead, of course, by one touch down and it was the last quarter.

I watched as Riley, my ex, ran across the feild and made a touch down seconds before the time was up. We dated for 7 months but the break up had to have come soon. He was caught cheating on me at a party. I walked into a bedroom on accident when I was searching for the bathroom. There he was under the covers with Gaby, the barbie of Straton High. He turned to look at me standing in the doorway with tears in my eyes. Riley was trying to say that it wasnt what I thought it was. Yeah right! He wasnt just in there with Gaby Towns and not thinking a bit of how this will ruin our relationship. Then and there I broke up with him. That was the most embarassing night of my life.

I got up and head to the kitchen after the game was finnaly over. I needed a cookie to make everything better. The beeping of the timer went off right when I stepped onto the kitchen tile. I quickly found an oven mit and carefully took out both trays.

Moments latter I was eating a chewy chocolate chip cookie and drinking some ice cold milk. I walked into my closet with the food in my hand. I was hoping to play a little guitar tonight since I havent played for like 3 days and it is completly killing me. Music was the only thing that made me happy. Weither it be singing, drums, flute, or triangle anything related to music made me calm down and happy within seconds.

I turned around in my closet and didnt see my black leather guitar case anywhere. Even though I didnt see it in there I knew I had it somewhere in my dorm room. I searched my bedroom and the other bedroom with no luck. Now I was getting nervous. I sat on the couch with my head in my hands and thought back to when I saw it last.

I took it with me to the airport. I placed it in my cargo above my seat. I grabbed it on my way out. I had it in the taxi next to me. I remember Logan getting it out of the car and setting it near the curb. I saw Henry carry it inside on the cart while we were talking with Sue along with my other stuff. But... that was the last place I saw it. All my other things are here in my room. So, where is my guitar?


Don don don.... :( Where is poor Juliets guitar? Do you know? Can you guess?

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