*Juliet POV

Butterflies in my stomach as we turn the corner. I wasn't sure what I was expecting to see, but it surely wasn't this! I mean is it even possible for a place that looked like this to be a school? I think NOT!

There it was, Rowling Academy. With five buildings all different sizes that formed a circle of grass, that I didn't get much of a peak at. But I do believe it was the court yard. It reminded me of a ton of mansions, even though I think a lot of houses are mansions compared to the 3 bedroom 2 bath houses that I'm use too.

The buildings weren't the only thing to catch my eye. There were also endless green fields that surrounded the school. Ok, maybe not endless since the forest behind the school wasn't that far off of the buildings, but it was a lot of grass. Not to mention the wonderful landscape job. With bright pinks and purple flowers and a few scattered trees to provide some nice shade to sit under.

While the driver pulled up to the curb for us to get out at the front office. Or at least I assumed it to be the office; I was snapped back into reality with Logan laughing. I just shook my head at him with a slight smile. I bet I looked really stupid with my mouth dropped and my eyes wide with surprise. This may take a while getting use too.

"I'll tell Henry to grab your bags and bring them to your room." Logan said while I was sliding out of the door. I gave him a puzzled look... Who's Henry? I thought. "Oh, Henry, he's like the...bellboy. Yeah I guess you can call him that. He just helps people carry things in and brings them their mail if they get any."

I nod my head in an understanding matter. Wow the people here are probably really lazy. Just saying. I really should stop judging, since I'm not normally like this. For some reason this school just has me jumping to conclusions. Gosh it's starting to really bug me.

Logan comes behind me and gives me a little shove to the door. I just realized that I just stood there like a retard. Now he has me walking and then he opens the giant glass door for me. He gestures for me to go in and I take a step in. All of a sudden I feel a rush of relief and the urge to get into the school with confidence. Then I see the 2 smiling middle aged woman behind a huge rounded desk. The desk had two Apple computers on each side and another type of laptop beside each. I wonder if they really need all those computers at the front desks.

"Hi, you must be Juliet Rowling!" The one closest to me with black, curly hair that stopped to at her shoulders. She clasped her hands and her smile grew. "I'm so glad to have you as our new student. Welcome to Rowling Academy! I'm Sue and this Linda." She gestures to the dirty blonde woman in glasses.

"It's nice to meet you." I am ready to start this school. All of a sudden I got a burst of confidence. I have no idea where it came from though. But I sure am glad it's there. Nothing can stop me now.

"Let me just grab you papers from the back and get your room and schedule. Just wait one sec." She puts a finger up to demonstrate and disappear into the door that's behind the round desk.

I stand there for a few seconds waiting impatiently since I'm so ready for this school now. I find myself turning to the right and glancing at a glass cabinet full of pictures and trophies. Walking towards them I can hear Logan's footsteps following behind me.

When I appear to the cabinet I lean into it to get a better look at an old picture of a man in a tie that has his hands folded nicely on a wooden desk in what looks like a study room. The black and white photo reminds me of an important man, maybe even someone as important as a mayor or president. I wonder who this person is...

"That's Arnold Rowling. Crazy how old the photograph is and it's not fallen apart. It's really a great picture though." Logan says while looking over my head. He is about a head taller than me, so he can easily see what I'm looking at. But I'm also thinking that he can read my mind. Maybe it was just something easy to realize I was wondering.

"Really? Wow, that must be a really old photo. I have never seen any picture of him before. He reminds me of my Dad." Man I really miss my Dad even though I didn't know him long. I have a connection with him in my heart. Cheesy right? Well it's true. I also have a photo album that has pictures of him and I can totally see the resemblance of the picture of my Dad and Arnold.

"Yeah-" Logan was interrupted by a yell from the back room.

"Are you sure there isn't... Yeah... What should I tell her...Okay... Fine" Those where all I could make out of the conversation that was in the back room. I could clearly tell it was Sue who was yelling. And it was probably about me, though I was praying it wasn't. She didn't seem like the kind to cause a commotion, but I guess I was wrong. There I go judging again.

Suddenly she opens the door with an apologetic look on her face. Oh crap it is about me. "Juliet please takes a seat. And I'll explain to you about your stay here." She points to a pair of chairs on the right of the display cabinet. I grab my seat, with Logan at my side. We wait for her to continue.

She takes a deep breath then goes on. "Your schedule is perfectly fine, your locker is in a great location, and all paper work is filled out... But your dorm room may be a problem." She points out a window to our right that outlook the court yard. It is a huge area. Mainly grass with a side walk path., a few stairs and trees for shade. There is even a drink or food stand of some sort near the center. In the center is a beautiful fountain with water spraying off the top causing it to sparkle in the sun.

"The building at the right is the guys building. The one in the center is the classes. And the one to the Left is the cafeteria with the girls' rooms above it. When the school first opened it was an all-boys school and the rooms above the cafeteria were the freshman and some sophomore rooms. But 8 years ago we started to take in girls and that has become their dorm. The problem is..." She takes a deep dramatic breath, "The girls' dorm is full."

"What!" I started to get aggravated. How could they not think of that before I flew here? My stomach dropped a little at what she just said. Logan put a hand on my shoulder and mouthed a "sorry" to me and his face said that he wasn't lying.

"But, there are a few open rooms in the guy's dorm. If you wouldn't mind. We have never put a girl in the boys' dorm before, but you may be an exception. I'm so sorry. You don't have to take the room, only if you want-"

"I'll take it!" I interrupt her. There is no way I'm going back home after I just flew all the way here. Plus it will be a chance for me to start over, to start fresh.

Logan looked at me and smiled. He opened his mouth to say something then was cut off by Sue. "Oh I'm so glad! There is an empty room right across from Logan's. This will be perfect! Maybe you can teach those boys a thing or two about respect to girls and put them in their place, Juliet. How I would love for that to happen. Just be careful they can be a handful."

"Don't worry Sue." Logan says and looks at me. "I will keep an eye on her."

I lean over my chair and hug him. I'm glad he supports my decision. Even if it might not be an easy one. What a great best friend I have.

"Thanks, Logan." I say as Sue hands me all my papers and we head to the door.

"You're going to need it." He ruffles my hair. And I roll my eyes as we head out the door, and walk into the court yard.

Here I go! Wish me good luck!

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