*Juliet POV*

I chew at the end of my straw nervously as we walk through the crowded courtyard. I couldn't believe my eyes. Since when do all these kids attend this school? Okay, so I knew many of them were gone on vacation in stuff from winter break. But, really, all of these students go here. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't trapped in a nightmare.

I see Winston out of the corner of my eye. He is clutching his notebooks against his chest firmly. I'm not sure if he was nervous too, but it sure looked like it. I don't understand why Winston would be nervous. Maybe he has a big test or something. Or maybe he is the type of kid who gets picked on.

I now turn my head, slightly, in Winston's direction. With a few red curls place in his baby face I don't understand how someone could pick on him. But then you look at his whole appearance. Black rimmed glasses, which cover his shiny eyes, the bright green collared shirt with ever button perfectly fastened, and the gathered books in his grasp.

There are probably a few jerks who mess with him. I completely hate people who make fun of others by the way they look. It's just not right to reflect people on their looks. Like they say, never judge a book by its cover. Well I try to follow that saying. Sadly, it is easier said than done.

It didn't take long before we stood in front of the Main Building. I remembered I had the schedule stuffed in my back pocket, and I reached to pull it out. I unfolded the bright yellow origami like paper and skimmed over my classes.

It all seemed very basic like my old school. With the four main core classes, P.E., and two elective classes scattered across the page. I smiled knowing I got the two electives of my choice. I will have

Art first period and end the day with seventh period Music. Art class is supposed to be an easy A for me. I was always the artistic kind of girl. And apparently the music class isn't like band; it is more of your own thing. Logan said you get to do whatever you feel like, with the few assignments here and there.

"You can do this." Logan placed his hand on my shoulders and looked down at me. If he is trying to give a pep talk, it is failing miserably. I just let out a small sigh and nod in agreement. I am usually pretty good at adapting to new things.

"Okay. Well, I got to head to class which is in the next hall. So I guess I'll catch you at lunch. I sit at the back at the largest window. You'll see either me, Kyle or Winston sitting there. I'll get to introduce you to the rest of the guys later." He steps away and smiles. "Good luck, buddy."


I look around me and realize that Kyle has left with Logan. But thank God that Winston is in the same hallway with me during first period. I hope he can help me out with finding my classroom. I don't want to end up late on the first day. Students are walking in the building slowly, which leads me to believe that class is starting soon. We end up standing there, backwardly, for a brief minute until he breaks the silence.

"What class do you have for first period?" Winston speaks a full sentence since the first time that I met him. Even though he is looking straight toward the door, he still spoke to me. I gape at him for a quick second and then look at my paper.

"I have first period with Ms. Meade, the art teacher."

He turns to face me and an enjoyment filled grin appears on his face. "I have that class too. Just follow me and I'll show you where it is."

I eagerly follow behind Winston as we traveled down the hallway in search for our classroom. Each wooden door we passed held a different surprise behind it. I hope my first journey through one of the wooden doors doesn't go to bad. You never know what the teacher is like, let alone the students in the class.

We finally approach a door covered in different taped pictures. They vary from random doodles, to amazing sketches. Winston casually reaches for the door and gestures me to go inside. I look at his smiling face and maneuver my body inside the door.

As I entered I saw that the whole classroom had drawings, paintings, sketches, and photos that covered random spots on the wall. I was spinning around slowly as I examined the walls around me. That is when I turn toward Winston and see him by a woman in her mid-twenties. I take her to be Ms. Meade, with her brown curly hair and her short structure. I make my over to them as she explains to me about the class.

She tells me that her first period is very small, with only 12 students in that class, including me. And apparently this is her Advanced Art class. In that case, we get assignments on a certain topic and we can use any type of technique to create what the topic is about. My main skills are in painting. But sketching is another strong activity I'm good at. Drawing on the other hand isn't my thing. Unless, you include doodling in your notebook drawing. And sculptures of mine just end up lopsided and deformed.

After she finishes her introduction to me, I turn around to see the classroom now filled with about all her students. I didn't really count but there appeared to be twelve students in all. And with that she writes our topic on the board with the due date.

Ms. Meade takes a couple steps away from the whiteboard and speaks. "This is your new topic for this week and half of next week. It will be due next Wednesday. You need to create a collage of yourself. Your likes, your dislikes, what you want in life and anything else you can think of. Use any method of choice to finish this assignment. I want you guys too really put effort into this one. I plan on placing them around the school to promote more people to join Art next year. And, you may begin brainstorming."

A collage about myself? I don't know how to create that. And if I even could, I don't have any idea of where to start.

I take out a notebook from my backpack and rip a page out. I start to brainstorm as Ms. Meade told us to. I write all the things that pop into my head as things I like. Within a few minutes I get a variety of things on my paper:

"Nature, animals, plants, music, guitar, pictures, eating, ice cream, chocolate, coffee, swimming, talking, doodling, writing, reading, beach, America..."

I need to pick one of a few of these to include. I have no idea what to do. I'm just glad that my first period is at least something to look forward to in the mornings. I think this is going to be a fun class.

Now I just need to get this assignment figured out.


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