*Juliet POV*

I reach my hand into the half empty popcorn bowl as the lights dim down and the real movie begins. Even over the extremely loud music playing as the cast member's names appear, I can still hear the three girls that are sitting the the left of me. Luckily Abbie, on my right, leans over me to shush them up. They stopped their talking immediately and one rolls their eyes as they face the movie screen.

We were not even 15 minutes into the movie before, "Ah!" One of them screeches out in excitement as everyone around hushes her. I look over to see a girl sitting in the middle of the trio with a phone in hand. The other two clones are staring down at the devise with over-sized grins appearing on their faces.

"I can't-" The girl closest to me starts off saying to loud before she corrects herself. "I can't believe he is going to do an interview at 3. That means we have to leave right after the movie if we want to make it back to the dorms in time." I recognize her voice as the gum smacker that sits behind me in science class. "We will finally know if we even have a chance of winning him over."

The black haired girl adds on to gum smacker's excitement. "He deserves better than that clingy slut that's on the cover. Who does she think she is hugging my man like that?" All three of them laugh as the girl finishes off with sarcasm.

"I texted Rachel about it earlier this morning but she never replied. Who ever it is, Jason defiantly deserves someone better than that." Phone holder announced.

Everything around me seemed to disappear all together. I only had one thing on my mind at the moment, Jason. What was he going to tell everyone? How was he going to handle this all?

I try my best to keep it calm and focus on the movie, but it wasn't an easy task for me to accomplish.


I feel a small, light weight object come in contact with my face. As I snapped out of my deep thoughts, I saw a few pieces of popcorn just laying in my lap. Abbie was to the left of me with the movie reflecting on her face as she struggles not to smile. Before I knew it she was cracking up into the sleeve of her shirt to keep quiet.

"You just should have seen your face." She says in between laughs before continuing, "Plus, I couldn't resist not throwing a few pieces of popcorn at you. The funny part is you didn't even notice until, about, the fourth piece." The redness on Abbie's face is easy to see even with the lack of lighting. Obviously, she found my dazing hysterical.

I just roll my eyes in response before turning back to the screen to see the main character running out of a building at full speed. I honestly have no clue what is going on at the moment in the movie.


We make it out of the busy theater after we finished the movie. Over all, it was a great movie, or the bits I actually watched. I know Abbie liked it because she kept talking about it as we walked down the busier street.

"We should totally head over to the farmers market. I need to get some fresh veggies to make a salad for a party in our dorm this week. I think I can get you an invitation." She says with excitement in her voice.

"Really?" I ask with almost equal excitement when I realize that I haven't gotten the chance to hang out in the girls' dorm that often.

She just nods her head as we walk along a cross walk of a busy street. Many other people are moving around us in the same direction. Before I know it, we are already at a busy little park with fruit and vegetable stands scattered around the concreted walkways.

Abbie takes a hold of my arm and weaves us through a group that is along side a busy kettle corn stand. I can smell the aroma of the sweet kettles as we pass by. My stomach pleads for the snack but I know I have already eaten so much today.

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