Hello there.

It has been many long months since you guys have heard anything from me.  I'm sorry.

My story 'Juliet' was viewed by over a million and voted by thousands.  Each and every person who clicked upon that story truly means something to me and I thank you for that.  When I first began writing, I never expected that so many people would read something that I wrote.  I am just one person with an imagination that I decided to copy down into digital words.  Its a jumbled mess, yet people seem to have found enjoyment in reading it.

To begin with, this story never had any plot line whatsoever.  I honestly just had the beginning planned out and nothing more.  I struggle with figuring out the next direction this story could possibly even head in.  Truthfully, I feel like there is no possible path this book can travel.

The point I am trying to create is that I am going to put 'Juliet' on hold.

I can't promise you if it will be temporary or a permanent thing because I don't even know for sure.

P.S. In the mean time I plan on posting more poems and more of my thoughts.  I guess it will be like a blog of some sort.  Or maybe I will make a blog on a different site.  Any ideas?

Love (forever) Delaney

:) <3

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