Chapter 36

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I regret my decision to take Allie shopping myself as soon as we step into the first store.

"Kaden!" she screams, pointing to a large and flashy sign. "They're having a sale!" She squeals loudly and runs off, her frame partially hidden by a rack of clothes; all I can see are her feet.

She shuffles through the clothes for over fifteen minutes before she walks around the rack and stands in front of me, her arms full of shirts. Literally, she's carrying so much I can barley see her eyes.

"Can I get these?" she asks, her voice slightly muffled by the mass of fabric.

"Um, do you really need all of them? There are other stores..." I trail off.

"But, Kaden," she groans. "They're on sale," She points to the sign again. I look it over and read it quickly.

'Limited Sale, Today Only! Buy Ten And Get One Free!'

Some sale.

"Allie, baby," I start. "That 'sale' is not really a good sale. There are other stores,"

"But I need these clothes," she whines. From just above the clothes pile I can see her blue eyes turning into puppy-dog eyes. She's trying to convince me, and it's slightly working. Any mated werewolf will tell you how hard it is to deny their mate: and me and Allie haven't even been fully mated yet to know.

"Fine," I huff. "But only half of them. You'll want to get other stuff at other places,"

Allie smiles widely at me. "Here then," she says, handing me the top pile of clothes. "Put these back and I'll go pay," She starts to walk off, but I stop here with a hand to her wrist.

"No, Allie, wait," Her face scrunches up at the use of here real name, but stops to listen to me anyway. "I'm buying these. You don't need to,"

Her brow furrows. "But-"

I cut her off again. "No. I'm paying. I'll be right back,"

She huffs but doesn't try and stop me from walking up to the counter with my wallet.


We go through every single store the mall has, buying what seems like half of each places inventory. I don't want to look at my bank account when we're done, knowing that more than half of it is probably drained.

But the good thing to come out of this trip is clothes. Allie's clothes to be exact. She has enough shirts, shoes, pants, shorts, socks, and just about any clothing item you can imagine, to last her as long as she stays this same size. Which I hope is a while.

As we step out of the last store, Allie grabs my arm that's not holding eleven shopping bags, and clings to it with both of hers. She's only holding two small bags, so it's not like it's hard for her to do.

"You okay, baby?" I ask, glancing down at her. She's shaking slightly and her knuckles have gone ghostly pale from gripping my arm so hard.

"I'm okay," she murmurs, but her voice doesn't convince me. She looks like she might pass out.

"Are you hungry?" Maybe that's why she's shaking, and looks so weak. She must be hungry, we haven't ate since early this morning. Its almost four in the afternoon now.

She nods eagerly. "Can we get food here, please?" Her voice quiet and pleading. Why did I not think to feed her earlier?

"Of course we can," I answer, pulling her along to the food court. "What do you want?"

She shrugs, eyeing the different restaurants as we approach. "Anything. It doesn't matter what,"

I nod, and lead her over to a table, setting the bags down on the floor and making sure she's sitting before walking to get food from the first place I see. Its a random pizza place, but I know Allie will eat it.

I order two slices of cheese pizza with a small order of fries and two sodas before grabbing them ans waking back to my mate that's still shivering.

"Here, baby. Eat this," I place the food in front of her. She eats her piece while snacking on a few fries and sipping her drink. I eat along with her.

She finishes her food in record time before sinking back slightly in her chair.

"Feel better?" I ask, while finishing my pizza.

She nods, then shakes her head. "I want to go home,"

My brow furrows. That was... Random. "Okay, I'll call your dad and let him know that-"

"No," Allie cuts me off. "Your home. I wanna go there,"

Oh. Oh. I should've caught that. "Okay. You can, if you really want to. You wanna leave now?"

She nods and starts to get up slowly, her body looking suddenly very weak. I watch as she gets up, and as she does, a sudden flash of movement behind her catches my eyes. My whole body instantly freezes.

I look around frantically for the figure that I just saw. I caught a faint scent with that movement, and it wasn't human. This mall isn't one on my territory, its a mainly human mall. So why is there another werewolf speeding through?

"Allie," I state lowly and calmly. "Sit back down, baby,"

She does what I ask without hesitation, but I can tell she doesn't understand. "What's wr-"

"Shh," I stop her from speaking. My eyes scan over everything, searching for that flash, or the smell, or any sign of anything.

And then I catch it again. This time it's closer to Allie, but he's still far away. I can barely make out their figure.

They speed back and forth across the floor several Times, each one closer to my mate, before my mind comes back to me.

"We need to go," I hiss under my breath.

"Huh? Why? Kaden-" She makes to stand up and grab her bags, but I stop her before she can move an inch.

In one small second, Allie and all the bags are cradled in my arms as I speed through the store and to the closest exit.

I bolt out the doors and to my car, throwing the bags in the bag, and placing Allie in the front before speeding off.

Allie is shaking heavily now in the seat beside me, but I don't have time to stop and check her out, because through the back of my windshield, I can still see the same fuzzy figure following behind me.


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