Chapter 11

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I leap towards Micah, a low growl in my throat and my body half way shifted. I can tell my eyes are yellow from the way my wolf wants control, but I still have most of it. I don't to shift and risk hurting anyone. I mean, I'm mostly worried for Allie, but I know she'd be upset if her parents got hurt in any way. I won't do that to her. 

Micah growls back at me, but manages to dodge my jump at him. I go for him again and instead of him turning away, he throws Allie out of his arms, and comes straight towards me. 

But I'm not watching him, and all of my attention has gone to our mate that has been tossed in the air only to hit the floor with a loud thud. The only sound that follows after that is her loud, agonizing cry. 

And all I see is red. 

Micah, realizing he hurt his sister, tries to go to her, but isn't able to take the first three steps towards her before I have him pinned to the ground. 

"John," I growl. He comes to my side immediately, also looking mad that someone hurt his future Luna. "Get him away from Allie and keep him there," 

He nods and takes my position with Micah, motioning to John to help keep him out. 

From somewhere in the back of my mind I realize that my parents and Allie's just witnessed this huge fight, but I can't find the will enough to care. All that I'm worried about at the moment is Allie. 

I run towards her shaking and crying figure, picking her up as gently as I can. She burrows into me and holds onto my shirt like a lifeline, crying loudly into my arm. 

"Shh, baby," I coo, attempting to soothe her. "It's all right. Do you hurt anywhere?" 

Allie lifts her head slightly to look at me and points to the side of her head, right by her left temple. 

"Your head hurts, baby?" I question. 

She nods and curls up small again, trying to use my arms to hide. 

"Peter," I growl, grabbing his and Lucy's attention. "I need to take Allie to the pack doctor and make sure there's nothing seriously wrong. You and Lucy can come if you'd like, but I'm running, not driving," 

"Kaden," my mom says gently. "Wouldn't it just be faster to drive?" 

I shake my head and stifle the growl that fights to come out. 

"No, it wouldn't be. I'm running," The truth of the matter is that it might just be faster to drive considering that I can't phase with Allie. She won't be able to hold on. 

Also, I don't want to let go of Allie to drive. She keeps me calm.  

"Peter? Are you coming or not?" I hiss. 

He shakes his head and walks around to Lucy, hugging her around her waist. "I'm staying here with Lucy. WE need to try and calm Mich down," 

I nod and rush out the door, Allie still cradled in my arms shivering and crying. I step out of the front door quickly, thankful that it's not raining today.  When I double check that Allie is secure in my arms, I start running. 

I've only been sprinting for a few minutes when Allie starts whimpering loudly. She's still crying, I can hear that, but it's not full on sobbing. 

"Allie, baby?" I murmur, lowering my head closer to her. "What's wrong?" 

She whimpers even more and grips on to my shirt tighter. "It hurts," 

I feel my heart drop as I run somehow faster. "What hurts, baby?" 

"My head," She starts crying again. "Make it go away, Kaden," 

I lift my arms a little so she can feel that I haven't left her. That I won't ever leave her when she needs me. "I will, baby. I will," 

It takes another long ten minutes to reach the pack doctor and Allie cries the whole way. 

"Hey, hey," I coo. "It's okay, we're at the doctor now," 

She makes no move to respond in anyway. 

I throw open the door to the pack hospital and rush in to find the doctor. 

"Get me the doctor," I shout. All the nurses mozy around and take their sweet time. "NOW!" I yell with more force. "Your future Luna is hurt!" 

At this they all scramble to find the doctor while Allie slowly stops crying. 

"Allie? Baby, are you all right?" I ask. "Does it still hurt?" 

She nods her head in my arm. 

"Then why'd you stop crying?" I ask, maybe a little too forcefully. It doesn't seem like her to stop crying if she's still in pain. 

"I'm... really,... tired," 

My heart starts to pick up and I freak out, thinking that maybe she'll pass out on me. I can't have that. 

"No! Allie, don't-" But my words are too late, and before she can even stop it, she passes out in my arms. 


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