Bonus Chapter 2

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"Allie May Taylor?" the nurse calls.

Allie lifts her head off my shoulder. "That's me,"

The nurse gives us a warm smile. "Come this way please, Luna,"

I grab Allie's hand as we follow behind the nurse into a small room.

"He'll be in here soon, Luna. Please make yourself comfortable," she tells Allie.

"Thank you," my mate answers as she sits down on the examination chair.

The nurse nods once more before she exits the room, closing the doo behind her.

"We're really about to find out, Kaden," Allie whispers.

"I know," I respond, grabbing her hand. "I'm excited."

She grins. "Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?"

I shrug. "I don't have a preference. Healthy will do just fine."

Allie giggles. "That's true. I'd love a boy though."

I nod, kissing the back of her hand. "Well you'll probably get one. The kid has Alpha and Beta genes, so it's more likely for our first to be a boy."

A crease forms in between Allie's eyes. "Our first?"

I catch my mistake immediately and stammer to explain myself. "Well, I just figured you'd want more than one, that's all. But if you don't then that's-"

My mate lifts her hand to cup my cheek. "You worry to much about what I want. But I do want more than one, so it doesn't matter anyway,"

I breathe a sigh of relief. "Good,"

Allie goes to say something else, but is stopped by the sound of the door opening. We both flip our heads towards it to catch a doctor walk through. He smiles warmly as he settles himself in a chair at the foot of where Allie sits.

He looks over his clipboard and then back at Allie. "How do you feel Luna?"

Allie smiles. "I feel great. A lot better then I did,"

He nods and writes something down. He goes through his list and asks Allie several questions on her eating habits, how much sleep she gets, and if she's keeping her stress levels low.

"I'm trying to," she admits. "Kaden here has been stopping me from working too much."

He shoots me a grateful look. "As he should. Stress isn't good for the baby, or you, Luna."

Allie smiles nervously. "Well I guess it's good I haven't had much then,"

He nods. "Yes, I would guess so. Now, are you ready to see your baby?"

We both nod eagerly.

"Well, all right then. Let me just set everything up," He shuffles around the room, hooking things up to a machine before asking Allie to lift her shirt. She does and he proceeds to smoothe some clear-looking gel on her growing stomachs.

"Its cold," Allie grumbles. I stifile my laugh. The docto however, doesn't.

"Yes, I know, Luna. I'm sorry I didn't warn you,"

She just shrugs.

When the doctor's done, he puts on a New pair of gloves and takes a wand looking tool over Allie's stomach.

"Your baby looks healthy, Luna," the doctor says. "Would you like to hear the heartbeat?"

"Yes, of course," she answers immediately.  

He presses a button on the machine and a loud, thumping heartbeat fills the smal room.

"Wow," Allie breathes.

"Whoever's end their sounds very strong," I whisper to her in awe.

She nods, leaning her head against my shoulder. "Of course they do,"

The doctor smiles at us both. "Would you like to know the gender now?"

Allie nods, not bothering to use her words.

The doctor moves the wand around a little bit more before stopping at a specific spot. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, you have a healthy baby boy."


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