Chapter 7

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In this chapter Allie is about the size of a 6 month old ( though she acts like a four year old ), Kaden is still 18. ( Yes, I did skip a little bit of time from the last chapter :) )

Alpha?" a voice hesitantly asks from behind my door.

"Come in," I called.

The door opened to reveal my Delta, Jack, walking in with a stack of papers. Right behind him is my beta, John.

"What is it?" I ask, thinking I already know.

"Its the rogues again, Kaden," John says. "Jack and I thought you'd want to see the statistics of how many we've lost,"

I grab the papers from their hands. "Thanks guys. I'll look them over and get back to you and discuss,"

Jack nods. "Just call us whenever,"

John nods and then seems to remember something; he fights to stifle his laugh.

"What is it, John?" I ask.

He lets his laughter fall loose as the sound rumbles through my small office. "We didn't come in here just to give you these," he admits.

"Well what else are you here for?" I snarl.

"Our Luna is here to see you," John says, his voice almost mocking.

I let out an involuntary growl. "I hope your tone isn't hinting that you're mocking your Luna,"

John flinches back from my hard glare. "No, I wasn't, Alpha," he murmurs in apology. "I was just referencing how young she is compared to you,"

I growl out loud. I can feel it rumble my desk. "For your information, John," I snarl. "She will be your Luna in three years. So I suggest you start working on treating her with respect, instead of teasing her for her age,"

John and Jack both simultaneously nod, their faces white as a sheet.

I feel bad for lashing out on them, but I can't help it when my wolf comes out like that. He doesn't like people disrespecting our mate, and frankly neither do I.

Its not like me to go off on people, it never has been. But even if these two guys are my beat friends, they won't talk about my Allie that way.

"Just go and bring her to me," I command the both of them, sighing and running my fingers through my hair. I've lost too many pack members from these rouge attacks. Its getting out of hand. And I have no idea how to stop them.

But I can't dwell on the rougues  long, for as soon as my thoughts drift to them, my door swings open, and a small figure toddles into my room.

"Kaden!" Allie squeals, trying to get to me. Her feet are still a little unsteady though, and I end up walking over to scoop her up.

She smiles widely at me, wrapping her litte arms around my neck and tucking her head in my shoulder.

"Hey, baby girl," I coo, walking back over to my chair and sitting, Allie in my lap.

"I miss you!" Allie announces.

I grin. "I missed you too, baby. What have you been up to?"

She lifts her head up to look at me, her baby blue eyes sparkling. "Mommy made me cookies and Daddy ate them all," she says, looking a little sad.

Her sadness transfers to me an I immediately want to take it away from her. I never want her upset, she always deserves to be happy.

"Did you not get any cookies?" I ask, wrapping my arms around her tighter.

She shakes her tiny head. "No. Daddy ate awl of 'dem,"

"We should go and get her her own cookies. She wants them," my wolf insists.

I agree with him.


"What?" Allie responds, answering me but not lifting her head from where it's rested against my chest.

"You want your own cookies?"

She tenses in my arms before standing straight up in my lap, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah! I do, I do!" she says, clapping her hands.

"Okay, come on," I lift her into my arms agian, and carry her down the steps of the pack house into the kitchen. My mom is standing by the stove.

"Mom?" I ask.

She turns to me. "Kaden! What is it?" she asks, a concerned glare in her eye. "Is Allie all right?"

I glance down towards my mate who has hidden her face into the crook if my neck. She's shaking slightly.

I immediately tense up. "Allie? You okay, baby?"

She shakes her head, and makes no move to look up.

"What's wrong?" I whisper, kissing her head repeatedly in an effort to calm her.

It seems to work slightly, and Allie lifts her head to meet my gaze.

"I don't know her," she whispers, pointing to my mom. "She no like me,"

I hold Allie a little tighter to me. "Baby, she already loves you. That's my momma. She knows you even if you don't know her,"

Allie lifts her head a little more to look at my mom.

Mom smiles back at her, warmly.
Satisfied, Allie gives a small little wave and grins back.

I can practically see my mom's heart melting for the little girl. She takes a step forward to see Allie and holds her arms out, a question in her eye.

"Can I hold you, Allie?" my mom asks softly.

Allie shakes her head and clings to me, burying her head in my neck again.

"Well at least we know she likes you," Mom teases.

"Very funny," I deadpan. "Now, do you have any cookies for Allie? She wanted some,"

Mom grins. "You're just in luck. I made a batch just a little while ago," She walks over to the fridge and pulls out a container of Christmas cookies.

"Baby, look," I murmur in Allie's ear.

She lifts her head and spots the cookies. "Can I have one?" she asks my mom in a small voice.

"Of course, sweetheart. Here," She hands Allie two big cookies.

My baby girl smiles her biggest grin and starts eating the cookies, while not letting go of me.

I watch her as she eats them, happy that I can make her happy.

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