Chapter Five

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"Any idea when he'll wake up, Blake?" I hear my mother ask the pack dkctor.

"No, there was a lot of silver in his system. He'll wake up when his body is ready," Blake explains.

"But he'll be fine?" my dad asks, anxious.

"He should be," Blake promises.

I try and move to tell them that even though I'm in pain, I'm okay, and I just want to see Allie. I remember her falling down and me trying to get to her, but that's it.

Is she okay? Has she grown any more? What have I missed?


A long time passes and I'm still unable to move or speak. I can hear what everyone says and I can feel everything, but I can't respond. Even if I keep trying.

It seems like every pack member has visited me. Even Peter and Lucy have made an appearance to tell me how sorry they are; Peter blames himself for my condition.

But the one person wh I hasn't come to me is Allie. The one person I really want to see, is no where near me. And even if I won't be able to talk to her, I want to feel her there.

I need her.


I wake up again to the feeling of someone patting my face.

I groan and slowly open my eyes to find out who's tapping my face with that annoying motion.

But when I do, all my irritation dissolves as I see two big, blue eyes staring back at me.

My angel smiles at me, showing off two rows of perfectly square little teeth.

"Kaden!" Allie says excitedly, jumping on my lap.

"Hey, baby girl," I hug her close to me, realizing just her presence makes the pain go away.

I kiss her chin-length caramel color hair, glad that I still can.

"Are you okay now?" She whispers into my shoulder.

"Yeah, baby. I am now,"

She wraps her chubby little arms around my neck and squeezes tightly, acting like she never wants to let me go. But I'm fine with that. I'll never leave her, and I'll never let go. It makes me happy to know that a he feels the same way.

"Kaden?" her soft little soprano voice asks.

"Hmm?" I murmur, my voice muffled by her hair.

"Why were you hurt?"

I stiffen. I don't know what to tell her. I don't want her to be mad at Peter, but I don't want to lie either. How do I explain this to her?

"I touched silver," I decide on saying.

Allie pulls back from me and looks at my face: her blue eyes wide.

"Is that bad?"

I nod. "Yeah, baby. Silver isn't good for werewolves. It burns our skin,"

Allie's eyes go even wider. She launches herself at me again, burying her small little head in my neck.

"I don't want you to touch silver 'gain, Kaden," she whispers. "I don't want you hurt,"

My heart contracts for the little girl in my arms. She may only be a few weeks old, but she's special and smart. She loves me, even if she doesn't quite know what that means yet, and the thought makes my wolf want to tell her that we love her too. Maybe even more than we can comprehend.

I hug her somehow tighter to me, kissing her soft, fine hair over and over again. "I love you, baby girl. Never forget that,"

Allie smiles into my shoulder. "I wuv you too, Kaden," she says.

I chuckle at the way she says love. She has been doing good with her L's, but I don't mind if she wants to stay small a little longer. Though she'll never stop being my baby girl.

I sit and hold her a little longer, until a thought enters my mind.

"Allie?" I ask.

She lifts her head from my shoulder and frowns. I forget my question for a moment, not wanting her to be upset.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"You never call me, Allie," she mumbles, pressing her face into my chest.

I laugh and rub her small back softly. "I won't call you that if you don't like it," I promise.

She grins. "Good!"

I laugh and go back to my original thought. "Where are your parents, baby?"

Allie shrugs. "I fink they went to eat somewhere. They weft me here wif you,"

I nod and crush her to me again. "Well you can stay with me until they get back. Or as long as you want to," I tell her.

"My mommy said you would say that," she says.

I laugh. "Did she now? I wonder how your mommy knew such a thing?" I tease, lifting her up into the air and letting her fall back into my arms.

She giggles and her blue eyes shine with happiness that spreads to me. "'Gain Kaden!" she squeals.

I laugh along with her and toss her again. Her laugh echos through the room.

I play with her a little longer until she gets tired and falls asleep in my arms. Peter and Lucy still haven't returned yet, and I know when they do well have some things to discuss. Starting with how I won't be able to stay away from their daughter for long.


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