Chapter 33

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I stare at Allie in shock, turning my head towards the door, looking to see if another person is there that she could be talking to.

But the door is still closed, and it's just me and Allie in the room. And that's when I know: she remembers, she's back.

Allie runs to me at the same time I reach for her, and I grasp her in my arms, holding her like my life depends on it. Its been so long since she's let me do it, and I'm positive that I'll never let her go again. Her kidnapping was my fault. Her memory loss was my fault. I won't let that happen ever again.

"Kaden," Allie whispers into the groove where my shoulder meets my neck.

I kiss her long hair over and over again, too happy to even speak.

She's back.

"When did you get here?" Allie asks softly, her voice partly muffled. "I was sure that wasn't a dream..."

Her words make me stop dead in my tracks. What is she getting at?
"Allie, baby," I sigh. "I've been here the whole time. What are you talking about?" I pull her head up so she can meet my eyes.

But Allie shakes her head. "No, you haven't been. I would know if you were and you weren't,"

My knees suddenly start to buckle, and I quickly move over to the edge of the bed, sitting down on it with Allie tucked in my lap.

"Allie," I take her face in my hands. "I've been in this room with you the entire time since I found you at that old shack. You thought I was someone else, but I was here. Do you not remember that?"

She shakes her head, her brow arched in confusion.

"Can you tell me what you do remember then?"

She nods, her eyes going glassy as she thinks over the memories in her head.

"After I passed out, I woke up in a shack with you across the room from me. You didn't really talk to me though, which I thought was weird, all you said was to be quiet. So I did. But then this guy came in, and he scared the daylights out of me. It was awful, Kaden, you don't understand. He killed you right in front of me. Or I guess I thought he did," She pauses abruptly, choking on her words.

I rub her both soothingly, trying to urge her to continue. This is important. "Its okay, baby. Can you tell me the rest?"

She nods, ands takes in a deep breath before speaking again.

"After that guy killed you, he tried to come near me, so I screamed, and when he finally backed off I ran to you. But you were gone, and so still... I couldn't get you to wake up. Then my dad came in, and he let me cry with him. And that was fine at first, unto he started taking me away. I started screaming again, but he didn't listen, and I was brought back to this room here with my dad, some doctor, and the killer,"

She takes in a shaky breath. I kiss away a tear that falls from her crystal eye.

"The doctor asked me some questions once we got here, and then him and my dad left me in this room alone with the man that killed you. I was terrified, Kaden, you don't get how bad that was," She curls up smaller in my lap and tucks her head away in my shoulder.

"Is that all you remember, baby?" I ask. I feel bad for pushing her to talk about a subject that's clearly painful for her, but I need to know. If ahe can recognize and remember me now, she shouldn't still have memories like this. Memories that are true, but are twisted and manipulated.

Allie shakes her head. "I tried to stay away from him as much as I could, but he kept trying to talk to me and convince me that he was you, and he wasn't. I know for a fact he wasn't. No one can replace you. But I got really cold one night and I asked him to sleep with me, just to keep me warm, and he did. But when he laid down, for a second he looked so much like you I curled up against him, and I could have sworn I heard him say he loved me. But he couldn't have said such a thing,

"Anyway, the next morning I seemed to catch myself and I got away from him. But he started showing me these pictures... It was so strange, Kaden. He knew all of our stories like the back of his hand, but it wasn't me and you in those pictures, I'm sure of that much. And then when I didn't believe that he was really you, he started crying, and I asked for water, so he gave it to me before he left. And when I turned around he was gone, and you were there," She hugs me tighter. "And now everything's okay again,"

I don't think I could move if I tried. Allie's admission has me completely shocked. She remembers everything that happened these last few days. Everything but me.

I have to tell the doctor. I know this isn't good. Something is still wrong with her head, her brain still must be working incorrectly. He needs to tell me what's wrong with her.

"Allie, baby?" I asks softly, kissing her head.

She looks up at me, a question in her eye.

"We have someone to go and talk to,"


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