Chapter 9

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I hold Allie until she seems to calm down. When she does, she lifts her head up and looks at me.
"Will you play with me?" she asks.

I nod. "Of course. What'd you wanna do?"

She smiles and crawls down to the floor, showing me a small pile of blocks.

I sit on the floor beside her and start helping her stack the blocks, making sure they're how she wants them.

We build three small towers before Allie gets bored and lays back on the floor. She doesn't fall asleep, but I watch as she lays there.

I don't know how much time passes while I watch Allie. But the sound of the front door opening startled both me and Allie. Just in different ways.

Completely different ways.

I immediately stand up and hold Allie close to me, growling lowly. But Allie just squirms, trying to get out of my grasp.

I let her go, sensing that it's what she wants, and watch as she runs into the arms of the man at the door.

I stand their shocked as he picks her up and kisses her head.

But another feeling courses through me at the sight, and it's not one I ever want to feel again.

Allie is mine, I don't appreciate another guy getting to hold her and make her smile. Ever since I first saw Allie, she's always wanted me. She cried when I wasn't around, and stopped as soon as I came back. But today, she left me. She fought to get away from me until I let her go.

I promised Allie I'd never leave her, but what if She leaves me?

I know she's still practically a baby, and doesnt know about mates yet, let alone how to choose or reject one.  But just the mere thought of her wanting someone more than me is enough to crush my shattered heart.

That little girl has more power over me than anyon in the entire world. And she doesn't even know it.

The guy hugs Allie close to him and she grips his shirt tightly. Sonthing that Allie did with me.

"Hey, baby," he whispers to her.

I feel my face flush with rage, ans I have to fight not to shift. If I do, it could hurt Allie.

But somehow, when Allie speaks, all of my rage fades away. I don't know if its from her voice, or from what she says, or from what she does after, but whatever, it makes me the image of calm.

"Bubba!" Allie squeals. She turns in his arms and points to me. "This Kaden!" she tells her brother before reaching her arms out to me.

I immediately take her from him and hold her close, savoring the feeling of her in my arms. It calms me.

"Kaden," Allie says, tugging on my fingers. I look down to her. "This bubba," she says pointing to who I assume is her brother.

I look at him and he scowls. "Who are you?" he rumbles.

He tries to make his voice intimidating, but it has no effect on me. I just smirk at him.

"I'm Kaden, Alpha of this pack and your sisters future mate," I state proudly.

A look of shock fills his eyes and he pales. "Oh," he murmurs.

"Yes. And you are Allie's brother, correct?"

From beneath my chin I hear Alie grumble. I glance down at her, concern in my eyes. She looks up at me and whispers. "Don't call me that," she complains.

I smile and kiss her forehead. "Baby," I say.

Allie smiles widely.

I look back up and Allie's brother who looks scared out of his skin. "I am, her older brother Micah," he informs me.

"Good to know," I state. "How long do you plan on staying?"

He shrugs. "I don't know. I just wanted to spend some time with my sister, I haven't seen her since she was born. My dad called me and told me how she was growing fast, so I wanted to come and make sure I didn't miss anything,"

I growl, low in my throat. "You're not going to miss anything if you aren't here. You'd miss just as much as if she was a normal baby,"

Micah looks vaguely scared, but doesn't back down from me. "She's not a normal baby," he murmurs.

"Don't you think I know that? I've been with her almost everyday since I've met her. I would notice that she changes quickly,"

He breaths in deeply and walks over to a couch, sitting down. "Sorry for offending you," he mumbles. Then he looks up at me then down towards Allie, who still lays in my arms. "Can I hold her?"

My wolf growls. He doesn't want anyone else touching our mate.

"Ask her," I growl.

He holds out his arms. "Can I hold you, baby?"

Allie ducks farther into my chest. "I'm Allie," she whispers.

He walks closer to her. "What?"

She glances up at him. "Kaden calls me that. You call me Allie," Her voice is soft and gentle, but somehow rings with authority. She will make a great Luna some day.

"Okay.." Micah sighs. "Can I hold you, Allie?"

Allie shakes her head. "I want Kaden,"

Me and my wolf beam in pride, loving the fact that even though Allie left us for a second, she came back and doesn't want to leave again.

Micah groans. "Fine," He stands up and start leaving the living room. But before he's fully gone, he turns back to me, a menacing glare in his eyes.

"You better be careful, Alpha."


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