Chapter 8

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This chapter takes place during Christmas Day. I'm jumping ahead a little that way there are no random chapters without plot :))


"Anything new on the rouges?" my dad asks as he jumps in the back seat of my car. My mom, and Delta both follow in behind him, my Beta sitting in the passenger seat.

"No," I answer. "Same old, same old. I still don't know where they're coming from,"

Dad nods. "Do you have a patrol out at all times?"

I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes I start the car. "Yes, Dad. I've always had patrol out," I sigh. "Now can we please not talk about this right now? I don't want to think about rouges when I'm with Allie," 

He sighs and my mom fights to stifle her laugh. I growl at the sound. 

"What?" I hiss. "What could you possibly find so funny?" 

She just smirks. "Nothing's funny. I just think it's sweet how you act around Allie. Or how you talk about her," 

I pull out into the road and make my way towards Allie's house, aware that my mother is awaiting my reply to her statement. 

"She's my mate, what do you expect?" I finally decide on saying. 

She shrugs. "Not all mates end up together. Some mates get rejected by theirs," she points out. 

John chooses this moment to pipe up. "When I first heard that your mate was a baby, I thought you had rejected her. Tha-" 

I cut him off with a growl. "I would never reject her. Never." Even the thought makes me sick. I never want Allie to be without me. I don't wan her sad. Her being sad hurts me probably more than her, and that's something I never want to happen. 

John holds up his hands as I sign of surrender. He's been walking on thin ice these last few days. "I'm just saying, Kaden. I didn't think you'd want to wait so long for your mate. You'll have to with Allie," 

"Actually," Jack cuts in. "He only has to wait three years. Not even that long. At the rate Allie's growing, she'll look our age in no time," 

The car falls silent after that. No one responds to Jack's statement, even though we all know it's true. It's just uncomfortable to think about. Because when Allie looks nineteen, she'll really only be three. And even if she's my mate and I'll love her either way, most people won't. And they'll look at me like a sick psycho who's obsessed with little girls and doesn't want to get caught. 

After ten minutes of uncomfortable silence in my car, we reach Allie's little house. It's been decorated in red, green, and silver lights, and I can see the tree from the open window. 

As soon as the car is parked, I jump out of the car and run into the house, knowing that the front door won't be locked. 

The first thing I see is my baby playing on the floor with her toys.  She locks her eyes with mine and reaches toward me, whimpering my name. 

I immediately scoop her up, cradling her to me. By now she's almost the size of a one year old, but she can do things that any common six year old would do. She's smart and advanced. 

The rest of the people from my car file in the door, saying hey to Allie who barley glances their way. Instead, she's focused on my hand, and is flaying with my fingers that are four times bigger than hers. She seems to find it fascinating. 

I hear Peter and Lucy talking in the kitchen, saying how we can start presents as soon as everyone gets here. 

This makes my brow furrow. I thought everyone was here already. I assumed that me and my family were the last ones to arrive, I didn't know that anyone else would come. 

Peter, Lucy, and my family stay in the kitchen, leaving it just me and Allie in the living room. I sit down on the couch, still holding her, as she continues her inspection of my fingers. 

"Is something wrong with them, baby?" I ask her. 

She looks up at me with wide, confused, blue eyes. "With what?" Her voice still has that soft baby ring to it. 

"My fingers. You look very interested in them," 

Her eyes go wide in understanding and she looks back down at them, then back up to me. When I don't say anything, she takes her palm and lays it against mine, comparing the two sizes. 

"Why fingers so big?" she asks, stumbling over her words like she doesn't know the right ones to use. 

"Because I'm older than you. You haven't grown all the way yet," I explain. 

I expect her to nod, or say something else, but I never expected her to do what she does. 

She stares at me a second longer before her powty bottom lip starts to tremble, and her eyes fill with water. 

My heart almost stops. 

I pull her to me and hug her with all my might, kissing her soft caramel hair over and over. I don't even know what's wrong, but I don't want her to cry. She should never cry, ever. She's too perfect for sadness. 

"What's wrong, baby?" I whisper, trying to use my tone to soothe her. 

She looks at me and another tear slips from her eye. "You no like me," she mumbles. 

My eyes go wide and I'm quick to reassure her. "No, baby, no. Of course I like you, I love you. Why would you think I don't?" 

She buries her small little head in my chest. "Because I'm wittle, and you bigger than me," 

If my heart can shatter again, it does. 

I hug her even tighter to me and kiss her hair again before pulling her back so I can look dead in her eyes. 

"Allie," I start. "Never, ever, think that I don't like you. I will always love you, no matter what. Nothing can change that. Okay?" 

She nods, then reaches for me, clinging to my shirt. "Never weave me," she whispers, her voice muffled by my shirt. 

"I won't baby," I promise her. AS soon as the words leave my mouth I know that they're true. I could never leave this girl. I'm nothing without her. 


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