Chapter 32

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I sleep better than I have in a while with Allie tucked away in my arms. Its amazing the difference she can do.

'She loves is again, Kaden,' my wolf practically shouts in my head, causing me to wake up completely. 'She loves us again!'

'Don't get too excited,' I scold him. 'We don't know how much She remembers. She might have just been seeking comfort, and we were all that was around,'

He scoffs. 'Please. She loves us,'

Despite myself, I sigh. 'I sure hope so,'


Allie wakes up a little after I do, and she seems startled by out position.

"Oh!" she starts. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

I cut her off gently. "Is all right, Allie. It didt bother me,"

She looks slight relieved to hear that, but she tries to hide it with fear. And I can't tell if it's a real genuine fear, or just something she's trying to play. I sincerely hope it's the latter.

"Allie," I begin, bringing her attention back to me. "I want to talk,"

"Okay..." she says hesitantly. "What about?"

"About who I am. What we are," I motion to myself, then to us together, trying to stress my point.

Allie nods, still looking vaguely scared. "Alright,"

I nod and give her a small and brief smile before walking over to the counter by the ugly chair.

"What are you getting?" she asks, her voice shaking a little from fear.

"Just my phone, Allie," I  say to try and calm her.

She nods, breathing a sigh of relief as I sit down.

Seriously, what did she think K ws going to get?

I unlock my phone and pray silently that I'll have enough battery left to do what I want to do. I sigh thankfully when I do.

But it's not a lot. All that's left is five percent. I'll have to make it work. And go fast.

I look over at my mate. "Allie," I start."I want you to look at what's on my phone, okay?"

She nods, and scoots over a little to see what's on my screen.

"I only have a little battery left, and I'm going to use it to help show you who I really am. I need you to stay calm and listen to me, please," I'm almost begging her.


I smile. Then I start to pull up my camera gallery.

I scroll through the items until I find what I'm looking for.

"Allie," I sigh. "Look at this picture,"

She glances at it, butbjr facial expression doesn't change. "Why are you showing me a picture of you and a baby?"

I want to scream. "Allie that's you when you were a baby. I'm holding you at your one month old birthday party,"

Allie scoffs. "That's not me. Also, that baby looks way older than one month, and if that was me, you wouldn't look exactly the same as you do now,"

I feel like my heart breaks again, if it even possible. "No, Allie you don't understand. Don't you remember how I always told you how special you were? How you gre up so fast and did things that no other baby could? We've been mates since you were a baby Allie,"

She shakes her head, a tear falling down her cheek. "That was me and Kaden. Not you," She wipes another tear off. "Move on,"

I sigh and flio through to find another picture. I show it to her. "This is the day you came to see me and you told me your dad ate all of your cookies, remember? You said you wanted one, and I got them for you. Don't you remember that?"

Allie's tears fall more freely now. "Have you been stalking me and Kaden, trying to find out all of our stories? What kind of sick person are you?"

A tear of my own slips free. "What? No, Allie, that's me in I have more I can show you-" I quickly flip through my gallery again, searching for the pictures that I know are there. But as soon as I find another one, my phone dies on me.

"No," I moan, throwing my head into my hands. I start to cry harder. "No, no, no. This isn't happening,"

Everything seems to collapse on top of me. I don't know how to show her...


The mate bond! If she touches me, she'll feel sparks like she used to, right? I hope so...

"Allie," I croak, my voice dry. "Can I see your hand?"

She quickly jumps off the bed and away from me. "No! I don't want you to touch me!"

'This is hopeless,' my wolf whines. 'I just want mate back,'

'Trust me, I do too,'

"Allie, please. Trust me," I beg.

"How can I trust the person that killed my mate? Your insane,"

I start to cry again. I know I'm acting like a child, maybe even like a baby, but I just can't help it. My mate hates me, and I don't think I'll ever get her back.

"Is there water in here?" Allie mumbles to herself.

Even in my broken state, I respond to her. "Over there, counter," I point towards it before I stop myself. "I'll get it,"

I shuffle over like a zombie and grab a bottle for her, opening it halfway.

I hand it to her w he  I reach the bed again, and she takes it, taking the cap off before drinking some of it.

I sigh and walk away, heading back to my chair. The only solid object I seem to have in my life anymore.

But I can't even make it halfway back before I hear Allie start to make a sound.

Thinking she's about to cry, I turn back towards her, our eyes meeting instantly.

And in that moment, it's like my world was never broken, for Allie fixes everything when she really looks at me.

And then the Angel speaks. "Kaden. You're here,"


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